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20th and 21st Century Literature E ENGL2716 Module
2D-3D Pattern Engineering & Construction FOOT1500 Module
3D CAD 1 (Introduction to Inescop 3D+) FOOT1504 Module
3D CAD 2 (Advanced Inescop 3D+ and an Introduction to Forma FOOT2503 Module
3D Modelling for Design DESP2050 Module
3D Modelling for Design E DESP2750 Module
`Live Art DRAM3006 Module
Academic Futures: Art, Design and Humanities REST7705 Module
Acting (Creative Performance Practice) W41043 Programme
Acting and Performing DRAM1010 Module
Action Research Laboratory and Specialist Design Project MADI5403 Module
Adaptation DRAM2020 Module
Adaptations Q30071 Programme
Adaptations of The Classics (A) ENGL2003 Module
Adapting the Wizarding World ENGL3021 Module
Additional Pre-sessional B (BAL) Q33065 Programme
Advanced Construction, Technology and Practice INTD3400 Module
Advanced Design in Practice INTD3200 Module
Advanced Design in Practice 2 INTD3300 Module
Advanced Fashion Marketing FBUY3001 Module
Advanced Fashion Merchandising FBUY3002 Module
Advanced Pattern Cutting and Construction CONF3102 Module
Advanced Product Design Skills DESP1012 Module
Advanced Product Design Skills 2 DESP2012 Module
Advanced Technical Studies and Portfolio FOOT3502 Module
Advanced Technology for Design DESP1015 Module
Advanced Technology for Design 2 DESP2015 Module
Advanced Visual Communication INTD3100 Module
American Presidency POPP3046 Module
Applied Performance PERF2025 Module
Applied Performance PERF2002 Module
Applying Climate Literate Design ARCH2204 Module
Applying Methods in Practice HUMS5012 Module
Applying your Practice DANS2603 Module
Approaches to Reading and Writing ENGL1014 Module
Approaches to Reading and Writing ELAN1019 Module
Approaches to Reading and Writing ENGL1020 Module
Architect Degree Apprenticeship (MArch) K10095 Programme
Architectual Studies 1 ARCH3100 Module
Architectual Studies 2 ARCH3101 Module
Architectural Communication ARCH1053 Module
Architectural Communication & Detailing1 BENV1303 Module
Architectural Communication & Detailing2 BENV2301 Module
Architectural Communication 2 ARCH2053 Module
Architectural Design K19071 Programme
Architectural Design Research Study ARCH5014 Module
Architectural Design Studio 1 ARCH1050 Module
Architectural Design Studio 2 ARCH1051 Module
Architectural Design Studio 3 ARCH2060 Module
Architectural Detailing ARCH1069 Module
Architectural History and Philosophy ARCH1052 Module
Architectural Practice K10073 Programme
Architectural Representation 1 ARCH1057 Module
Architectural Representation 2 ARCH2059 Module
Architectural Studies K19041 Programme
Architectural Technology K13041 Programme
Architectural Theories ARCH2052 Module
Architecture K10050 Programme
Architecture K10048 Programme
Architecture K10047 Programme
Architecture K10041 Programme
Architecture AD502 Programme
Architecture and Sustainability K10075 Programme
Architecture Studio 4 ARCH2051 Module
Art and Design AAD500 Programme
Art And Design AM278 Programme
Art History & Theory 1 FINE2022 Module
Art Practice and Presentation 1 FINE3301 Module
Art Practice and Presentation 2 FINE3303 Module
Art Practice and Presentation 3 FINE3304 Module
Art, Community and Audiences E AMAN2712 Module
Articulating Practice CREW5001 Module
Arts W90081 Programme
Arts and Communities Project AMAN2013 Module
Arts and Festivals Management And Dance W5W931 Programme
Arts and Festivals Management W90042 Programme
Arts and Festivals Management And Drama Studies W4W934 Programme
Arts Management SSC508 Programme
Arts Management Studio AMAN3053 Module
Arts Management Studio AMAN3043 Module
Assessing Language: Context & Construct TEFL5012 Module
Audiences & Communities Project AMAN2201 Module
Audiences and Documentation HAPA5013 Module
Aviation English Q33053 Programme
Aviation English Cobham Group Q3H401 Programme
BAL Compulsory English Language Support 2016/17 Q33066 Programme
Basic User French (A1b) FREN1501 Module
Basic User French (A1b) FREN2501 Module
Basic User French (A1b) FREN3501 Module
Basic User Mandarin (A1b) MAND2501 Module
Basic User Mandarin (A1b) MAND1501 Module
Basic User Mandarin (A1b) MAND3501 Module
Basic User Plus French (A2b) FREN1503 Module
Basic User Plus French (A2b) FREN3503 Module
Basic User Plus French (A2b) FREN2503 Module
Basic User Plus Mandarin (A2b) MAND3503 Module
Basic User Plus Mandarin (A2b) MAND1503 Module
Basic User Plus Mandarin (A2b) MAND2503 Module
Basic User Plus Spanish (A2b) SPNH1503 Module
Basic User Plus Spanish (A2b) SPNH2503 Module
Basic User Plus Spanish (A2b) SPNH3503 Module
Beijing Pre-sessional Q33050 Programme
Bespoke 3D CAD-1 BBFW5300 Module
Bespoke 3D CAD-2 BBFW5301 Module
Bespoke Design Footwear Innovation version BBFW5000 Module
Bespoke Design Research and Development BBFW5002 Module
Bespoke Footwear Biomechanics J44571 Programme
Bespoke Principles FOOT2111 Module
Body, Voice, Text DRAM1021 Module
Borders and Boundaries HIST3040 Module
Borders and Boundaries: Legacies of Colonial rule in India and Pakistan HIST3029 Module
Britain in Transition, 1760 - 1939 HIST1014 Module
British India: 1857-1947E HIST2708 Module
Building and Land Surveying ARCH1073 Module
Building Assessment and Management ARCH3077 Module
Building Community SLCC1012 Module
Building Conservation and Measurement ARCH2076 Module
Building Design 1 ARCH1067 Module
Building Design 2 ARCH2067 Module
Building Design 2 ARCH2072 Module
Building Economics & Project Management ARCH2070 Module
Building Economics 2 ARCH2065 Module
Building Economics and Project Management ARCH2055 Module
Building Information Technology and Modelling ARCH3068 Module
Building Performance & Technology 2 ARCH2063 Module
Building Performance & Technology 3 ARCH2064 Module
Building Performance and Technology ARCH1054 Module
Building Performance Modelling ARCH5203 Module
Building Performance Modelling BENV5003 Module
Building Project 1 BENV1304 Module
Building Project 2 BENV2304 Module
Building Surveying Practice ARCH2075 Module
Building Technology ARCH2071 Module
Building Technology 1 ARCH1058 Module
Building Technology 1 BENV1302 Module
Building Technology 2 BENV2303 Module
Business and Marketing Strategies ADHP5204 Module
Business Design for International Growth MADE5006 Module
Business Planning for the Creative Entrepreneur MADE5005 Module
Buying Skills FBUY1404 Module
CAD for Digital Designers 1 DIGD1002 Module
CAD for Digital Designers 2 DIGD2002 Module
CAD for Product Designers 1 DESP1000 Module
CAD for Product Designers 2 DESP2001 Module
Career Launch Marketing Campaign DESP3002 Module
Case Study ARCH5211 Module
Certificate In Interactive Media W21201 Programme
Changing Agendas in Cultural Politics and Policy E AMAN2702 Module
Choreographing the Self HAPA5001 Module
Choreography DANS1522 Module
Choreography for Live Performance DANS2522 Module
Choreography for Performance DANS3512 Module
Choreography for Screen DANS2523 Module
Choreography for Screen Dance and Live Performance DANS2507 Module
Cities in Context ARCH2057 Module
Classic Bespoke & Biochemical Performance FOOT2506 Module
Collaboration with Industry FBUY3005 Module
Communicate FTXD2102 Module
Communicate FTXD2001 Module
Communication TXDN2102 Module
Communication and Digital Interaction DIGD1060 Module
Communication Creation FSHN1013 Module
Communication Creation FSHN1107 Module
Complete Fashion Studies FSHN1200 Module
Complete Fashion Studies FSHN1277 Module
Complete Fashion Studies E FSHN1700 Module
Comprehensive Design Project ARCH5012 Module
Comprehensive Dissertation ARCH5013 Module
Concept Realisation FOOT2114 Module
Concept to Consumer FSHN2115 Module
Concept to Consumer FSHN2011 Module
Concepts of Digital Media PHVP1403 Module
Conference Organisation and Presentation HUMS5003 Module
Conference Organisation and Presentation HUMS5013 Module
Connect FSHN1112 Module
Connect FTXD1103 Module
Consolidate FTXD2104 Module
Consolidate FTXD2003 Module
Consolidated Fashion Skills FSHN1204 Module
Consolidating Practice FIAD0404 Module
Consolidation TXDN2003 Module
Consolidation Project CONF2114 Module
Construct FTXD1002 Module
Constructing the Moving Image PHVP1401 Module
Construction Technology INTD1400 Module
Consultancy Project ADHP5011 Module
Consultancy Project ADHP5111 Module
Contemp. International Relations Theory BPRI2004 Module
Contemporary Fashion Artefact FTAA2422 Module
Contemporary Music Theatre Project PERF1053 Module
Contemporary Performance Making PERF1002 Module
Contextual and Professional Studies 1 FINE1102 Module
Contextual and Professional Studies 2 FINE2202 Module
Contextual and Professional Studies 3 FINE3302 Module
Contextual and Visual Research FOTO1003 Module
Contextualise FTXD2103 Module
Contextualising Architectural Humanities ARCH2202 Module
Contour Applications CONF2102 Module
Contour Applications E CONF2720 Module
Contour Applications E FSHN2720 Module
Contour Collaborations CONF1114 Module
Contour Consolidation CONF1113 Module
Contour Consolidation CONF5113 Module
Contour Creative CONF1112 Module
Contour Creative CONF5001 Module
Contour Exploration and Communication CONF2113 Module
Contour Fashion W23042 Programme
Contour Fashion Entrepreneurship CONF2107 Module
Contour Fashion Promotion CONF1107 Module
Contour Foundations CONF5111 Module
Contour Foundations CONF5000 Module
Contour Futures CONF2112 Module
Contour Introduction CONF1111 Module
Contour Technology CONF1103 Module
Contract and Law ARCH3015 Module
Contracts, Law and Procurement ARCH2074 Module
Core Buying 1 FBUY1000 Module
Core Buying 2 FBUY2000 Module
Craft Cultures CRFT2003 Module
Craft in Context CRFT1004 Module
Craft in Context DESC1005 Module
Craft Materials and Processes DESC2001 Module
Craft Materials and Processes E DESC2701 Module
Craft Projects CRFT1003 Module
Craft Skills 1 CRFT1001 Module
Craft Skills 2 CRFT2002 Module
Creative Collaborations FSHN2003 Module
Creative Design Communication FTAA2421 Module
Creative Design Research Studio DIDM5001 Module
Creative Design Studio MADI5404 Module
Creative Digital Media Design MADI5104 Module
Creative Enterprise and Placement AMAN3024 Module
Creative Enterprise in a Global Context AMAN3050 Module
Creative Fashion Textiles FTAA2420 Module
Creative Management: Finance and Law E AMAN2171 Module
Creative Media and Performance 1 PERF3051 Module
Creative Media and Performance 2 PERF3052 Module
Creative Practice CRFT2004 Module
Creative Professional Practice PHVP3418 Module
Creative Writing W80071 Programme
Creative Writing W80041 Programme
Creative Writing SSC505 Programme
Creative Writing And Drama Studies W8W431 Programme
Creative Writing And English W8Q331 Programme
Creative Writing and English Language Q3W831 Programme
Creative Writing And Film Studies W8P331 Programme
Creative Writing and Media W8C831 Programme
Creative Writing in the Workplace CREW2004 Module
Creativity and Collaboration HAPA5014 Module
Critical Perspectives on Ethical and Sustainable Fashion FSHN5114 Module
Critical Research PHVP3417 Module
Critical Research and Visual Culture FOTO2004 Module
Critical Thinking and Research and Information Management: Arts, Design and Humanities REST7703 Module
Cultural and Contextual Studies ARCH3052 Module
Cultural Events Design AMAN1010 Module
Cultural Events Design AMAN1014 Module
Cultural Events Management N82071 Programme
Cultural Events Management Dissertation Module AMAN5008 Module
Cultural Festivals and Live Music Events AMAN5111 Module
Cultural Leadership AMAN1011 Module
Cultural Leadership AMAN1015 Module
Cultural Policy and Planning AMAN5012 Module
Culture and Context TXDN1104 Module
Culture, Negotiation & Policy Formation BMIR5001 Module
Curation and Exhibition FOTO2002 Module
Curve Company 1 DRAM2017 Module
Curve Company 2 DRAM3017 Module
Dance W50041 Programme
Dance HS503 Programme
Dance and Education Studies W5X132 Programme
Dance Contexts DANS2524 Module
Dance Research 1: Practice-as-Research DANS3531 Module
Dance Research 2: Practice-as-Research DANS3532 Module
Dance Research Project DANS3500 Module
Dance Research Project 2 DANS3524 Module
Dance Technique 1 DANS1525 Module
Dance Technique 2 DANS2528 Module
Dance Techniques 1 DANS1520 Module
Dance Techniques 2 DANS2520 Module
Dance Techniques 3 DANS3521 Module
Dance Techniques and Performance DANS3520 Module
Data From Texts: Corpus Linguistics ELAN3009 Module
Deconstructing Performance Project PERF2054 Module
Define FSHN1114 Module
Define FTXD1003 Module
Define TXDN1003 Module
Defining Space 1 INTD1130 Module
Defining Space 2 INTD1140 Module
Democracy in Times of Crisis BPRI1004 Module
Design W20081 Programme
Design 1 ARCH3411 Module
Design 2 ARCH3412 Module
Design and Development  FBUY1103 Module
Design and Make CRFT1002 Module
Design as Strategic Business Tool MADE5014 Module
Design Communication FOOT1114 Module
Design Communication FSHN5006 Module
Design Communication and Context INTD2130 Module
Design Communication and Definition DESP2013 Module
Design Concept and In-depth Report FSHN5703 Module
Design Conception – Thinking and Methods DESP1013 Module
Design Concepts FOOT2112 Module
Design Crafts W70011 Programme
Design Crafts W70042 Programme
Design Crafts W70041 Programme
Design Crafts Personal Project DESC3002 Module
Design Crafts Practice DESC3001 Module
Design Crafts: Negotiated Project DESC2005 Module
Design Cultures 1 CULT1100 Module
Design Cultures 1 CULT1000 Module
Design Cultures 1 CULT1700 Module
Design Cultures 1 CULT1600 Module
Design Cultures 1 CULT1500 Module
Design Cultures 1 CULT1300 Module
Design Cultures 1 CULT1200 Module
Design Cultures 1 CULT1400 Module
Design Cultures 1 CULT1800 Module
Design Cultures 1 (FCS) CULT1900 Module
Design Cultures 2 CULT2100 Module
Design Cultures 2 CULT2800 Module
Design Cultures 2 CULT2500 Module
Design Cultures 2 CULT2300 Module
Design Cultures 2 CULT2600 Module
Design Cultures 2 CULT2200 Module
Design Cultures 2 CULT2000 Module
Design Cultures 2 CULT2700 Module
Design Cultures 2 CULT2400 Module
Design Cultures 3 CULT3300 Module
Design Cultures 3 CULT3600 Module
Design Cultures 3 CULT3000 Module
Design Cultures 3 CULT3800 Module
Design Cultures 3 CULT3400 Module
Design Cultures 3 CULT3500 Module
Design Cultures 3 CULT3700 Module
Design Cultures 3 CULT3200 Module
Design Cultures 3 (FCS) CULT3900 Module
Design Cultures: Theories and Contexts MADI5103 Module
Design Delivery DESP1014 Module
Design Development INTD2120 Module
Design Development FOOT1113 Module
Design Development TXDN1103 Module
Design Entrepreneurship W20074 Programme
Design Exploration FOOT1112 Module
Design Exploration FTAA1420 Module
Design Exploration E FTAA1720 Module
Design for Outdoor Living W29042 Programme
Design for Outdoor Living W29044 Programme
Design for Retail MADI5207 Module
Design for the Digital World DIGD2010 Module
Design Fundamentals FOOT1111 Module
Design Futures DESP5015 Module
Design Futures - Technology Integration DESP5017 Module
Design Innovation MSPD5011 Module
Design Innovation W20073 Programme
Design Innovation FSHN5020 Module
Design Innovation MAPD5010 Module
Design Innovation FSHN5000 Module
Design Innovation and Sustainable Futures FBUY2101 Module
Design Innovations FOOT2113 Module
Design Live Project FSHN5025 Module
Design Management W20075 Programme
Design Management and Entrepreneurship W20076 Programme
Design Management and Entrepreneurship W20086 Programme
Design Practice DESP2014 Module
Design Practice DESP5050 Module
Design Practice & Reflective Report FSHN5704 Module
Design Practice 1 DESP1026 Module
Design Practice 2 DESP2025 Module
Design Practice 3 DESP3310 Module
Design Practice 3 DESP3035 Module
Design Practice and Context FTAA1410 Module
Design Practice and Context E FTAA1710 Module
Design Practice and Horizons DESP5001 Module
Design Problem Solving ADHP5205 Module
Design Products EXCH3100 Module
Design Products W24047 Programme
Design Products - Advanced Manufacturing & Material Culture DESP2775 Module
Design Products - CAD for Product Development DESP2000 Module
Design Products - CAD for Product Development E DESP2700 Module
Design Products - Innovation and New Product Development E DESP2725 Module
Design Products - Materials & Manufacturing Technology (MMT DESP1085 Module
Design Products - Personal Project DESP3050 Module
Design Products, Advanced Materials & Manufacturing Technolo DESP2085 Module
Design Project Management and Portfolio Development MADI5405 Module
Design Research and Development FSHN5002 Module
Design Research and Innovation DESP5004 Module
Design Research Lab 1 ARCH5208 Module
Design Research Lab 1 BENV5002 Module
Design Research Lab 2 ARCH5209 Module
Design Research Lab 2 BENV5004 Module
Design Research Studio ARCH5222 Module
Design Studio 3 ARCH3035 Module
Design, Innovation and Sustainability MDTI5001 Module
Design:Live Project DESC2002 Module
Develop FTXD2101 Module
Develop FTXD2000 Module
Develop E FTXD2700 Module
Developing Research and Communicating Your Ideas: Arts, Design and Humanities REST7702 Module
Developing Specialist Practice FIAD0402 Module
Developing Writing 1: Craft, Form and Genre / Exploratory Writing CREW5012 Module
Developing Your Project HUMS5014 Module
Developing your Project CREW5003 Module
Development and Consolidation 1 FINE1023 Module
Development and Consolidation 2 FINE1024 Module
Devised Theatre and Performance DRAM2010 Module
Diagnostic Investigation FIAD0401 Module
Dialogue Placement IREL5005 Module
Digital Arts W90072 Programme
Digital Arts Management & Enterprise 1 AMAN2203 Module
Digital Design W21271 Programme
Digital Design W21243 Programme
Digital Design and Manufacturing DESP3305 Module
Digital Design Futures 1 INTD5000 Module
Digital Design Futures 1 INTD5005 Module
Digital Design Futures 2 INTD5003 Module
Digital Design Personal Project DIGD3030 Module
Digital Design Studio DIGI5001 Module
Digital Development ADHP5209 Module
Digital Entrepreneur AMAN5113 Module
Digital Footprint REST7708 Module
Digital Futures DIGD3020 Module
Digital Media in Festival and Events AMAN5007 Module
Digital Outputs for Product Designers 2 DESP2002 Module
Digital Seminar: Mapping FINE5010 Module
Digital Seminar: Positions of Practice FINE5011 Module
Digitising your Artistic Voice DANS2601 Module
Diploma In Foundation Studies (Art & Design) W90001 Programme
Directing DRAM2006 Module
Directional Outerwear FSHN2110 Module
Discourses ARCH5105 Module
Dissertation AMAN3052 Module
Dissertation FBUY3003 Module
Dissertation ENGL3000 Module
Dissertation HIST3000 Module
Dissertation CREW5005 Module
Dissertation POPP3000 Module
Dissertation AMAN3000 Module
Dissertation ARCH3066 Module
Dissertation AMAN5115 Module
Dissertation PERF5113 Module
Dissertation PERF5702 Module
Dissertation TEFL5115 Module
Dissertation HIST5000 Module
Dissertation HAPA5006 Module
Dissertation HUMS5015 Module
Dissertation IREL5006 Module
Dissertation BMIR5005 Module
Dissertation HOPP5014 Module
Dissertation BENV5005 Module
Dissertation or Project in English Language Teaching TEFL5000 Module
Divide and Quit HIST2030 Module
DMU Designer DESP1011 Module
DMU Designer 2 DESP2011 Module
Drama and Performing Arts CST500 Programme
Drama and the Community DRAM2013 Module
Drama and Theory E DRAM2770 Module
Drama Performance Project DRAM2012 Module
Drama Performance Project: Collaboration DRAM1012 Module
Drama Production Project DRAM3012 Module
Drama Research Project DRAM3000 Module
Drama Studies W40043 Programme
Drama Studies And Education Studies W4X331 Programme
Drama Studies And English Q3W434 Programme
Drama Studies and Media P3W434 Programme
Dramatic Performance Project PERF1051 Module
Drawing and Model Making DESC1002 Module
Drawing for Fine Art Practice FINE1103 Module
Economics of Construction BENV1404 Module
Education and Performing Arts PERF3027 Module
Education Studies And English Q3X132 Programme
Education Studies and English Language Q3X134 Programme
Education Studies And History V1X132 Programme
Emerging Technologies in Design DESP5016 Module
End Point Assessment (EPA) ARCH5214 Module
Engaging Audiences AMAN2007 Module
Engaging Audiences (A) DRAM2030 Module
Engaging with Creative Industries DRAM3008 Module
English Q30041 Programme
English Q30075 Programme
English and Creative Writing Q30050 Programme
English and Film Studies Q3W631 Programme
English and History Q3V132 Programme
English and Media P3Q331 Programme
English Dissertation ENGL5042 Module
English for Specific Purposes Syllabus and Course Design TEFL5014 Module
English in the Workplace ENGL3065 Module
English Language Q31041 Programme
English Language and English Literature Q30051 Programme
English Language and English Literature Q3Q331 Programme
English Language and Literature ART500 Programme
English Language and Media Q3P331 Programme
English Language Dissertation ELAN3000 Module
English Language Dissertation ELAN5000 Module
English Language for Brazilian Students Q33056 Programme
English Language for Specific and Professional Purposes TEFL3004 Module
English Language in the Workplace ELAN3001 Module
English Language in UK Schools ELAN2013 Module
English Language Learning A Q33080 Programme
English Language Learning B Q33081 Programme
English Language Learning C Q33082 Programme
English Language Learning D Q33083 Programme
English Language Prep Programme D Q33048 Programme
English Language Preparation Programme A Q33059 Programme
English Language Preparatory Programme B Q33060 Programme
English Language Support Compulsory Course Q33064 Programme
English Language Teaching X14282 Programme
English Language Teaching X14272 Programme
English Language Teaching SSC507 Programme
English Language with French Q3R142 Programme
English Language with Mandarin Q3T142 Programme
English Language with Spanish Q3R442 Programme
English Language with Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages Q3X142 Programme
English Literature with French Q3R145 Programme
English Literature with Mandarin Chinese Q3T145 Programme
English Literature with Spanish Q3R446 Programme
English Project Research Training ENGL5041 Module
English Research Methods ENGL5040 Module
English Studies EXCH1000 Module
Englishmen and Foreigners HIST2003 Module
Englishmen and Foreigners E HIST2703 Module
Enhancing Expertise FSHN2001 Module
Enquire FTXD1001 Module
Ensemble Performance DANS1521 Module
Ensemble Performance & Production DANS1533 Module
Enterprise Placement Year SANA2501 Module
Enterprise, Technology and Innovation MSPD5021 Module
Entrepreneurship Project ADHP5001 Module
Environmental History of the Americas HIST3015 Module
Erasmus Year SANA2401 Module
Erasmus/International Exchange Z60041 Programme
Erasmus/International Exchange Z10041 Programme
Erasmus/International Exchange Z10042 Programme
Ethics in Sports Management and Governance SPMM5045 Module
Evaluation of Practical Experience (& PEDR) ARCH5212 Module
Events and Festivals Management AMAN3039 Module
Events Leadership AMAN5002 Module
Events Leadership AMAN5114 Module
Evolving Language: An Introduction to Histories of Language ELAN1002 Module
Evolving Language: Histories of Language ELAN1021 Module
ex and Death in Romantic Writing 1780-1830 ENGL2024 Module
Exhibitionary Practice MCAP5005 Module
Exhibitionary Practice: Development MCAP5006 Module
Experimental and Analytical Production with a Major Project PHVP3409 Module
Experimental and Curatorial Practice MCAP5002 Module
Experimental and Emerging Practice FOTO2003 Module
Exploration and Innovation ENGL2001 Module
Exploration and Innovation: 14th Century to 18th Century Lit ENGL2018 Module
Explore FTXD1000 Module
Explore FTXD1102 Module
Exploring Creative Writing CREW1000 Module
Exploring Creative Writing CREW1020 Module
Exploring Ethical and Climate Literacy ARCH2201 Module
Exploring Space and Context INTD1120 Module
Exploring the Dance Profession DANS1524 Module
Extended Media Development In Art And Design FIAD0312 Module
Fashion and Bodywear W23071 Programme
Fashion and Textiles W23085 Programme
Fashion Business FMAN3002 Module
Fashion Business FBUY1104 Module
Fashion Business Entrepreneurship FBUY2003 Module
Fashion Business Innovation FBUY2002 Module
Fashion Buying W23051 Programme
Fashion Buying - Design Pathway EXCH2003 Module
Fashion Buying Management FMAN3000 Module
Fashion Buying Professional Practice FBUY2102 Module
Fashion Buying Strategy and Planning FBUY2100 Module
Fashion Communication FBUY1407 Module
Fashion Communication FBUY1002 Module
Fashion Communication & Styling Consultancy FSHN3104 Module
Fashion Communication and Styling CULT2900 Module
Fashion Communication and Styling W21341 Programme
Fashion Consumer and Marketplace FBUY1100 Module
Fashion Design W23043 Programme
Fashion Design - Exploring Creative Contexts FSHN1202 Module
Fashion Design and Realisation A FBUY2006 Module
Fashion Design and Realisation B FBUY2007 Module
Fashion Design in Practice FSHN2113 Module
Fashion Design Practice FBUY2103 Module
Fashion Design with Merchandising W23072 Programme
Fashion Event Styling FSHN2013 Module
Fashion Event Styling FSHN2117 Module
Fashion Fabrics and Accessories W23047 Programme
Fashion Film Cultures FSHN1014 Module
Fashion Image Creation FSHN1012 Module
Fashion Lifecycle FBUY1101 Module
Fashion Management W23060 Programme
Fashion Management with Marketing W23073 Programme
Fashion Management with Marketing W23083 Programme
Fashion Marketing FMAN3001 Module
Fashion Marketing FBUY2104 Module
Fashion Marketing FBUY2004 Module
Fashion Merchandising FBUY2005 Module
Fashion Merchandising FBUY2105 Module
Fashion Portfolio ''LIVE'' FSHN2111 Module
Fashion Promotion and Marketing FSHN5115 Module
Fashion Styling FSHN1011 Module
Fashion Styling FSHN1104 Module
Fashion Technology FBUY1405 Module
Fashion Textile Design W23058 Programme
Fashion Textiles and Accessories W23048 Programme
Festivals and Events Practice AMAN5003 Module
Fieldwork Experience SPMM5065 Module
Fieldwork Experience SPMM5005 Module
Final Choreographic Research Project HAPA5005 Module
Final Collection CONF3103 Module
Final Dissertation CREW5016 Module
Final Major Project FOOT3503 Module
Final Major Project by Dissertation TXDN3003 Module
Final Major Project by Practice TXDN3002 Module
Final Major Project In Art And Design FIAD0313 Module
Final Research Project CONF3105 Module
Finance and Costing BENV2401 Module
Fine Art W10042 Programme
Fine Art W10071 Programme
Fine Art W10041 Programme
Fine Art 1 FINE1080 Module
Fine Art 2 FINE1081 Module
Fine Art 3 FINE1082 Module
Fine Art 4 FINE1083 Module
Football - Past and Present HIST5025 Module
Footwear J44501 Programme
Footwear Design J44541 Programme
Foundation Diploma in Art and Design FIAD Module
Foundations in ELT for Intern Learners TEFL1003 Module
Foundations in English Language Teaching for International L TEFL1004 Module
Foundations of Design 1 INTD1200 Module
Foundations of Design 2 INTD1300 Module
French Basic User A1 Beginner Route E FREN1711 Module
French Beginner FREN1600 Module
French Independent User B1 Beginner Route E FREN3711 Module
French Independent User B2 Post GCSE Route E FREN3712 Module
French Intermediate FREN2603 Module
French Post-Beginner FREN1601 Module
French Post-Beginner FREN2602 Module
Furniture Design W26043 Programme
Furniture Design W26011 Programme
Furniture Design W26041 Programme
Furniture Design - Innovation and New Product Development DESP2040 Module
Furniture Design - Personal Project DESP3015 Module
Futures FTXD1104 Module
Genre Case Study CREW5013 Module
Germany during the Second World War HIST2016 Module
Global Challenges: Pol and Social Policy BPRI1003 Module
Global Cities HIST1005 Module
Global Cold War (A) HIST2041 Module
Global Contexts TXDN2104 Module
Global Fashion Management FSMM5001 Module
Global Fashion Management 1 FSHN5117 Module
Global Fashion Management 2 FSHN5118 Module
Global Leicester HIST5044 Module
Global Live Design 1 FOOT2500 Module
Global Live Design 2 FOOT3500 Module
Global Political Economy BPRI2006 Module
Global Political Economy and Development BMIR5003 Module
Global Sport & Cultural Event Marketing SPMM5015 Module
Global Sports Marketing SPMM5014 Module
Global Transformations: S,S & L BMIR5004 Module
Globalisation and Democracy POPP3405 Module
Grammar: Analysing linguistic structure ELAN2014 Module
Heritage Interior Design W25047 Programme
Heritage Interior Design W25045 Programme
Heritage Interior Design W25013 Programme
Heritage Project SPMM5112 Module
Heritage Project HIST5001 Module
Historian's Craft: Sources and Methodologies in History HIST2024 Module
Historical Methodology HIST5040 Module
Histories of the Global South HIST2027 Module
Histories of the Global South E HIST2727 Module
History V10041 Programme
History V10075 Programme
History ART502 Programme
History and Heritage HIST3033 Module
History and International Relations L2V131 Programme
History and Politics L2V132 Programme
History by Independent Study V10073 Programme
History Dissertation HIST5042 Module
History in the Workplace HIST2032 Module
History of English: Medieval to Augustan Literature E ENGL2718 Module
History of Photography, Images and Practice HOPP5008 Module
History with French V1R145 Programme
History with Mandarin Chinese V1T145 Programme
History with Spanish V1R446 Programme
History, Diversity and Ethics in Cricket SPMM5020 Module
History, Theory and Criticism of Architecture ARCH3413 Module
Human Centred Design DIGD2030 Module
Humanities Q30081 Programme
Humanities DTP REST7803 Module
Humanities Research Training HUMS5002 Module
Humans and the Natural World HIST2046 Module
Icebergs and Audience CREW5002 Module
Ideas and Change in Politics and IR BPRI1002 Module
Ideation & Concept INTD2110 Module
Ideology, War and Society HIST1006 Module
IGEC Autumn B IGEC0201 Module
IGEC Elementary Autumn Q33068 Programme
IGEC Elementary Autumn A IGEC0101 Module
IGEC Elementary Spring A Q33073 Programme
IGEC Elementary Spring AA1 IGEC0102 Module
IGEC Elementary Spring AB 2 IGEC0103 Module
IGEC Elementary Spring B Q33074 Programme
IGEC Spring B IGEC0202 Module
Illustration & Visual Communication FOOT1505 Module
Image and Moving Image FSHN2116 Module
In-depth Report + Design Practice FSHN5024 Module
Independent Assignment 1 PERF5015 Module
Independent Assignment 2 PERF5016 Module
Independent Assignment 3 PERF5017 Module
Independent Study Art, Design and Humanities Y10071 Programme
Independent Study Humanities Y10073 Programme
Independent User B2 Post GCSE Route E ELAN3712 Module
Independent User French (B1b) FREN3505 Module
Independent User French (B1b) FREN1505 Module
Independent User French (B1b) FREN2505 Module
Independent User Mandarin (B1b) MAND1505 Module
Independent User Mandarin (B1b) MAND3505 Module
Independent User Mandarin (B1b) MAND2505 Module
Independent User Plus French (B2b) FREN3507 Module
Independent User Plus French (B2b) FREN1507 Module
Independent User Plus French (B2b) FREN2507 Module
Independent User Plus Mandarin (B2b) MAND3507 Module
Independent User Plus Mandarin (B2b) MAND2507 Module
Independent User Plus Mandarin (B2b) MAND1507 Module
Independent User Plus Spanish (B2b) SPNH1507 Module
Independent User Plus Spanish (B2b) SPNH3507 Module
Independent User Plus Spanish (B2b) SPNH2507 Module
Independent User Spanish (B1b) SPNH3505 Module
Independent User Spanish (B1b) SPNH2505 Module
Independent User Spanish (B1b) SPNH1505 Module
Induction Event: Health And Life Sciences REST7610 Module
Induction Event: Humanities REST7601 Module
Industrial Design Projects DESP3300 Module
Industrial Placement SANA2402 Module
Industry TXDN2103 Module
Information & Research In Art And Design FIAD0301 Module
Information And Interpretation In Art And Design FIAD0304 Module
Information And Interpretation In Art And Design FIAD0311 Module
Innovation and Commercial Targeting E DESP2745 Module
Innovation and Design Technology Integration DIGD2055 Module
Inquire FTXD1101 Module
Inquire FSHN1111 Module
Inquiry TXDN1101 Module
Insight, Enterprise and Innovation MAPD5020 Module
Integrated Brand Management MADM5101 Module
Integrated Design Project ARCH3067 Module
Integrated Digital Design and new Tech ARCH3078 Module
Integrated Fashion Studies FSHN1201 Module
Integrated Fashion Studies FSHN1271 Module
Integrated Fashion Studies E FSHN1701 Module
Integrated Technology ARCH5015 Module
Intensive General English Course (2) Q33058 Programme
Intensive General English Course (Autumn) Q33043 Programme
Intensive General English Course (Spring) Q33042 Programme
Intensive General English Course (Spring) Q33057 Programme
Inter-religious Relations V62071 Programme
Interior Design W25046 Programme
Interior Design W25041 Programme
Interior Design W25011 Programme
Interior Design W25071 Programme
Interior Design MDESBA Module
Interior Design W25043 Programme
Interior Design W25044 Programme
Interior Design W25012 Programme
Interior Design W25072 Programme
Interior Design W25048 Programme
Interior Design Practice INTD5002 Module
Interior Design Studio INTD5011 Module
International Cultural Policy AMAN3051 Module
International Performance Project PERF3028 Module
International Research Visit AMAN2202 Module
International Research Visit AMAN2002 Module
International Security in a Globalised World POPP3050 Module
International Sport SPMM5001 Module
International Urban Design K19072 Programme
Intro to DMU Commons: Building Your Blog/Website REST7707 Module
Intro to Fine Art: Lens-based & Digital FINE1033 Module
Introducing English to Speakers of Other Languages ELAN2023 Module
Introduction to Drama: Shakespeare ENGL1013 Module
Introduction to Drama: Shakespeare ENGL1023 Module
Introduction to Fashion Business FBUY1003 Module
Introduction to Fashion Design and Technology FBUY1004 Module
Introduction to Fine Art: Painting FINE1030 Module
Introduction to Fine Art: Printmaking FINE1031 Module
Introduction to Fine Art: Sculpture FINE1032 Module
Introduction to Pattern Cutting and Construction CONF1102 Module
Introduction to Photography & Video PHVP1405 Module
Introduction to Photography and Video E PHVP1705 Module
Introduction to Pro-Style Trend FOOT2501 Module
Introduction to Professional Practice and PDP DESC1004 Module
Introduction to Studio Practice 1 FINE1101 Module
Introduction to the Novel ENGL1011 Module
Introduction to the Novel ENGL1022 Module
Introduction to Urban Design Report 2019-20 ARCH5220 Module
Investigating Sport: Research Methods HIST5023 Module
Investigating the Past: Research Project HIST2045 Module
Investigation and Exploration 1 FINE1021 Module
Investigation and Exploration 2 FINE1022 Module
Jan PSE Research PRSS0602 Module
Jews in Twentieth Century Britain HIST3032 Module
July PSE Research PRSS0600 Module
Key Textile Technologies MDTI5002 Module
Language Acquisition ELAN3024 Module
Language in Context ELAN2015 Module
Language Processing and Assessment TEFL5113 Module
Language, Gender and Sexuality ELAN3008 Module
Language, Mind and Culture ELAN3022 Module
Language, Power and Identity E ELAN3773 Module
Learning Photographic History Online HOPP5020 Module
Lens Based Choice PHVP2408 Module
Lens Based ChoiceE PHVP2708 Module
Lens Based Studies PHVP1404 Module
Leonardo Helicopters - Group 1 AELH1001 Module
Leonardo Helicopters - Group 2 AELH1002 Module
Leonardo Helicopters - Group 3 AELH1003 Module
Linguistics ART501 Programme
Literature Searching REST7001 Module
Literature Searching And Reference Management: Health And Life Sciences REST7611 Module
Literature Searching And Reference Management: Humanities REST7602 Module
Live Music Events AMAN5005 Module
Live Project TXDN2002 Module
Live Projects CRFT2001 Module
MAIS Arts Assignment 1 (FT) MAIS5501 Module
MAIS Arts Assignment 1 (PT) MAIS5601 Module
MAIS Arts Assignment 10 (PT) MAIS5610 Module
MAIS Arts Assignment 11 (PT) MAIS5611 Module
MAIS Arts Assignment 2 (FT) MAIS5502 Module
MAIS Arts Assignment 2 (PT) MAIS5602 Module
MAIS Arts Assignment 3 (FT) MAIS5503 Module
MAIS Arts Assignment 3(PT) MAIS5603 Module
MAIS Arts Assignment 4 (FT) MAIS5504 Module
MAIS Arts Assignment 4 (PT) MAIS5604 Module
MAIS Arts Assignment 5 (FT) MAIS5505 Module
MAIS Arts Assignment 5 (PT) MAIS5605 Module
MAIS Arts Assignment 6 (FT) MAIS5506 Module
MAIS Arts Assignment 6 (PT) MAIS5606 Module
MAIS Arts Assignment 7 (FT) MAIS5507 Module
MAIS Arts Assignment 7 (PT) MAIS5607 Module
MAIS Arts Assignment 8 (FT) MAIS5508 Module
MAIS Arts Assignment 8 (PT) MAIS5608 Module
MAIS Arts Assignment 9 (PT) MAIS5609 Module
MAIS Assignment 1 MAIS5001 Module
MAIS Assignment 2 (Full-Time Only) MAIS5002 Module
MAIS Assignment 2 (Part-Time Only) MAIS5003 Module
MAIS Assignment 3 (Full-Time Only) MAIS5004 Module
MAIS Assignment 3 (Part-Time Only) MAIS5005 Module
MAIS Assignment 4 (Full-Time Only) MAIS5008 Module
MAIS Assignment 4 (Part-Time Only) MAIS5009 Module
MAIS Assignment 5 MAIS5010 Module
MAIS Design Assignment 1 (FT) MAIS5301 Module
MAIS Design Assignment 1 (PT) MAIS5401 Module
MAIS Design Assignment 10 (PT) MAIS5410 Module
MAIS Design Assignment 11 (PT) MAIS5411 Module
MAIS Design Assignment 2 (FT) MAIS5302 Module
MAIS Design Assignment 2 (PT) MAIS5402 Module
MAIS Design Assignment 3 (FT) MAIS5303 Module
MAIS Design Assignment 3 (PT) MAIS5403 Module
MAIS Design Assignment 4 (FT) MAIS5304 Module
MAIS Design Assignment 4 (PT) MAIS5404 Module
MAIS Design Assignment 5 (FT) MAIS5305 Module
MAIS Design Assignment 5 (PT) MAIS5405 Module
MAIS Design Assignment 6 (FT) MAIS5306 Module
MAIS Design Assignment 6 (PT) MAIS5406 Module
MAIS Design Assignment 7 (FT) MAIS5307 Module
MAIS Design Assignment 7 (PT) MAIS5407 Module
MAIS Design Assignment 8 (FT) MAIS5308 Module
MAIS Design Assignment 8 (PT) MAIS5408 Module
MAIS Design Assignment 9 (PT) MAIS5409 Module
MAIS Design Concept MAIS5703 Module
MAIS Design Outcome MAIS5704 Module
MAIS Dissertation MAIS5702 Module
MAIS Dissertation MAIS5011 Module
MAIS Humanities Assignment 1 (FT) MAIS5101 Module
MAIS Humanities Assignment 1 (PT) MAIS5201 Module
MAIS Humanities Assignment 2 (FT) MAIS5102 Module
MAIS Humanities Assignment 2 (PT) MAIS5202 Module
MAIS Humanities Assignment 3 (FT) MAIS5103 Module
MAIS Humanities Assignment 3 (PT) MAIS5203 Module
MAIS Humanities Assignment 4 (FT) MAIS5104 Module
MAIS Humanities Assignment 4 (PT) MAIS5204 Module
MAIS Humanities Dissertation (FT) MAIS5105 Module
MAIS Humanities Dissertation (PT) MAIS5205 Module
Major Design Project INTD5015 Module
Major Design Project CONF5114 Module
Major Design Project DIGI5003 Module
Major Design Project  SITT5005 Module
Major Project MSPD5033 Module
Major Project MSPD5031 Module
Major Project MAPD5032 Module
Major Project MAPD5030 Module
Major Project FOTO5703 Module
Major Project FTAA3414 Module
Major Project FSHN5023 Module
Major Project FSHN3205 Module
Major Project - Design Innovation DIDM5003 Module
Major Project - Dissertation DIDM5004 Module
Major Project - Dissertation MADI5702 Module
Major Project - Dissertation FSMM5003 Module
Major Project - Dissertation SITT5004 Module
Major Project with Capsule Collection FBUY3006 Module
Major Project with Signature Outfit FBUY3008 Module
Major Project: Artefact/Design Concept & In-depth Report ARCH5703 Module
Major Project: Artefact/Design Concept & In-depth Report MADI5703 Module
Major Project: Communication and Styling FSHN3116 Module
Major Project: Design/Practice Outcomes Exhibition & Reflect FINE5704 Module
Major Project: Design/Practice Outcomes Exhibition + Reflect MADI5704 Module
Major Project: Dissertation FSHN5702 Module
Major Project: Dissertation ARCH5702 Module
Making Public Policy BPRI2001 Module
Making Theatre and Performance (A) DRAM2032 Module
Making Theatre and Performance (B) DRAM2033 Module
Management, Law and Humanities of Sport N2M171 Programme
Management, Law and Humanities of Sport HUMS5999 Module
Managing Business Web Presence MADE5009 Module
Mandarin Beginner MAND1600 Module
Mandarin Intermediate MAND2603 Module
Mandarin Post-Beginner MAND1601 Module
Mandarin Post-Beginner MAND2602 Module
Manufacturing Technology FOOT1502 Module
Marketing for the Creative Entrepreneur MADE5002 Module
Marketing Principles SPMM5002 Module
Mass Observing Britain in War and Peace, 1936-1951 HIST2023 Module
Material Histories 1830s-1930s HOPP5024 Module
Material Histories 1930s to Now HOPP5025 Module
Meaning and Language ELAN5002 Module
Media Experimentation In Art And Design FIAD0303 Module
Media Industry Management E AMAN3741 Module ENGL3094 Module
Mega Events, Heritage and Legacy HIST2014 Module
Mega-Events: Global Sport in Perspective SPMM5046 Module
Methods and Innovations PERF5111 Module
Methods for Sustainability Research BENV5001 Module
Methods of Measurement BENV2404 Module
Methods of Measurement ARCH2077 Module
Millennial World Fiction ENGL2027 Module
Modern Britain 1760-2000 HIST1020 Module
Modern Britain since 1800 HIST1003 Module
Modernism and Modernity ENGL3086 Module
Modernism and Modernity E ENGL3786 Module
Moving Image: Ideas and Practice FOTO1002 Module
Multi-media Performance PERF2001 Module
Multicultural Societies in History (A) HIST2043 Module
Multicultural Societies in History (B) HIST2044 Module
Museum and Exhibition Design MADI5206 Module
Music Industry Management AMAN3040 Module
Music Industry Management E AMAN3740 Module
Music, Technology and Performance W31042 Programme
Narrative Spaces ADHP5202 Module
Nation, Empire and Revolution HIST1004 Module
Naturalism and Anti-NaturalismE DRAM2771 Module
Negotiated Photographic Assignment FOTO5005 Module
Negotiated Photographic Assignment (FT) FOTO5013 Module
Negotiated Practice - Photography or Video PHVP3416 Module
Negotiated Project E DESC2705 Module
Negotiated Study EXCH3001 Module
Negotiated Study EXCH2000 Module
Negotiated Study EXCH3000 Module
Negotiated Study AMAN5011 Module
Negotiated Study HAPA5004 Module
Negotiated Study PERF5021 Module
Negotiated Study EXCH2001 Module
Negotiated Study EXCH2002 Module
Nineteenth-Century American Literature ENGL3015 Module
Not in Westminster BPRI2005 Module
Observation and Interpretation TEXT1402 Module
Observation and Interpretation E TEXT1702 Module
Oct PSE Research PRSS0601 Module
Orwell and the English HIST3303 Module
Orwell and the English HIST3027 Module
Outerwear FSHN2002 Module
Participations DRAM1023 Module
Pattern Cutting with Lectra FSHN2112 Module
Pattern Technology FBUY1408 Module
PEDR Architecture K10091 Programme
Perception, Persuasion, Power : Communication and Control ELAN3023 Module
Performance and Analysis MDTI5003 Module
Performance as Research DRAM3010 Module
Performance Company PERF5022 Module
Performance Company PERF1001 Module
Performance Company PERF3029 Module
Performance Festival 1 PERF1004 Module
Performance Festival 2 PERF2003 Module
Performance in Context: Culture & Theory DRAM2011 Module
Performance in Context:History&Analysis DRAM1011 Module
Performance Making PERF5003 Module
Performance Making HAPA5003 Module
Performance Practices W47072 Programme
Performance Practices W47071 Programme
Performance Project DANS2521 Module
Performance Research Project PERF3010 Module
Performance Research Project 2 PERF3040 Module
Performance Writing DRAM2018 Module
Performing Arts W43041 Programme
Performing Mixed Reality Project PERF2051 Module
Personal Employability Portfolio FSHN3115 Module
Personal Projects CREW2013 Module
Personal Projects CREW2023 Module
Perspectives PERF5002 Module
Perspectives and Provocations PERF5112 Module
Perspectives on Performance and Digital Arts 2 PERF2010 Module
PGC Academic Practice X30083 Programme
PGC Academic Practice (APA) X30082 Programme
Phonetics and Phonology ELAN2007 Module
Photographic Context & Analysis (FT) FOTO5012 Module
Photographic Context and Analysis FOTO5002 Module
Photographic Ethnographies HOPP5012 Module
Photographic Historiography I HOPP5021 Module
Photographic Historiography II HOPP5022 Module
Photographic History W63271 Programme
Photography W64045 Programme
Photography W64071 Programme
Photography & Video for Fashion FSHN1105 Module
Photography and Camera Vision PHVP1402 Module
Photography and Conflict HIST3026 Module
Photography and Digital Politics HOPP5026 Module
Photography and Industry HOPP5013 Module
Photography and Politics HOPP5027 Module
Photography and the Arts HOPP5023 Module
Photography and Video W60012 Programme
Photography and Video W60041 Programme
Photography and Video 2 (The Documentary Image) PHVP2430 Module
Photography, Ethics and Emotions HOPP5030 Module
Photography, Science and Technology HOPP5028 Module
Photography: Ideas and Practice FOTO1001 Module
Physical Theatre Project PERF1054 Module
Physical Theatres PERF1003 Module
Placement SANA5000 Module
Placement 1 DANS3523 Module
Placement 2 DANS3527 Module
Placement Year SANA2500 Module
Poetry and Society ENGL1021 Module
Poetry and Society ENGL1010 Module
Policy Commission POPP3054 Module
Political Performance DRAM3009 Module
Political Research in Action BPRI2002 Module
Political Theory: Why Big Ideas Matter BPRI2003 Module
Politics of Nationalism POPP3052 Module
Politics, People and Place BPRI1001 Module
Popular Performance DRAM2009 Module
Portfolio TXDN3001 Module
Portfolio CREW3000 Module
Portfolio Development FTAA3413 Module
Portfolio Extension CREW3005 Module
Post Dramatic Performance Project PERF1052 Module
Post Part I PEDR Architecture K10092 Programme
Post Part II PEDR Architecture K10093 Programme
Postgraduate Internship SANA5001 Module
Power, Politics and Morality POPP3053 Module
Powerful Language : An Introduction To Rhetoric ELAN3013 Module
Practical Fashion - Process, Interpretation and Development FSHN1203 Module
Practical Outcome and Context PERF5704 Module
Practical Perspectives FOTO5003 Module
Practical Perspectives 1 FOTO5010 Module
Practical Perspectives 2 FOTO5011 Module
Practice and Management in Construction ARCH1071 Module
Practice as Research PERF5114 Module
Practice of Manufacturing Processes & Technologies MDTI5005 Module
Practice Paper Exam and Professional Interview ARCH5213 Module
Practice, Management and Law ARCH3414 Module
Practice, Management and Law ARCH5210 Module
Practice, Profession and Ethics ARCH3053 Module
Practice-Based Research DTP REST7802 Module
Practice-Research Methods HAPA5002 Module
Practicing Ethical Design ARCH2203 Module
Practising Ideas, Articulating Practice CREW5011 Module
Pragmatics in the Real World ELAN2025 Module
Pragmatics: Theory and Practice ELAN2032 Module
PRE – Collection FSHN5022 Module
Pre-Basic User French (A1a) FREN1500 Module
Pre-Basic User French (A1a) FREN2500 Module
Pre-Basic User French (A1a) FREN3500 Module
Pre-Basic User Mandarin (A1a) MAND2500 Module
Pre-Basic User Mandarin (A1a) MAND1500 Module
Pre-Basic User Mandarin (A1a) MAND3500 Module
Pre-Basic User Plus French (A2a) FREN2502 Module
Pre-Basic User Plus French (A2a) FREN3502 Module
Pre-Basic User Plus French (A2a) FREN1502 Module
Pre-Basic User Plus Mandarin (A2a) MAND3502 Module
Pre-Basic User Plus Mandarin (A2a) MAND2502 Module
Pre-Basic User Plus Mandarin (A2a) MAND1502 Module
Pre-Basic User Plus Spanish (A2a) SPNH1502 Module
Pre-Basic User Plus Spanish (A2a) SPNH2502 Module
Pre-Basic User Plus Spanish (A2a) SPNH3502 Module
Pre-Basic User Spanish (A1a) SPNH2500 Module
Pre-Basic User Spanish (A1a) SPNH1500 Module
Pre-Basic User Spanish (A1a) SPNH3500 Module
Pre-Basic User Spanish (A1b) SPNH2501 Module
Pre-Basic User Spanish (A1b) SPNH1501 Module
Pre-Basic User Spanish (A1b) SPNH3501 Module
Pre-Independent User French (B1a) FREN2504 Module
Pre-Independent User French (B1a) FREN3504 Module
Pre-Independent User French (B1a) FREN1504 Module
Pre-Independent User Mandarin (B1a) MAND3504 Module
Pre-Independent User Mandarin (B1a) MAND1504 Module
Pre-Independent User Mandarin (B1a) MAND2504 Module
Pre-Independent User Plus French (B2a) FREN3506 Module
Pre-Independent User Plus French (B2a) FREN2506 Module
Pre-Independent User Plus French (B2a) FREN1506 Module
Pre-Independent User Plus Mandarin (B2a) MAND3506 Module
Pre-Independent User Plus Mandarin (B2a) MAND1506 Module
Pre-Independent User Plus Mandarin (B2a) MAND2506 Module
Pre-Independent User Plus Spanish (B2a) SPNH3506 Module
Pre-Independent User Plus Spanish (B2a) SPNH1506 Module
Pre-Independent User Plus Spanish (B2a) SPNH2506 Module
Pre-Independent User Spanish (B1a) SPNH3504 Module
Pre-Independent User Spanish (B1a) SPNH1504 Module
Pre-Independent User Spanish (B1a) SPNH2504 Module
Pre-Proficient User French (C1a) FREN1508 Module
Pre-Proficient User French (C1a) FREN3508 Module
Pre-Proficient User French (C1a) FREN2508 Module
Pre-Proficient User Mandarin (C1a) MAND2508 Module
Pre-Proficient User Mandarin (C1a) MAND3508 Module
Pre-Proficient User Mandarin (C1a) MAND1508 Module
Pre-Proficient User Plus French (C2a) FREN1510 Module
Pre-Proficient User Plus French (C2a) FREN3510 Module
Pre-Proficient User Plus French (C2a) FREN2510 Module
Pre-Proficient User Plus Mandarin (C2a) MAND1510 Module
Pre-Proficient User Plus Mandarin (C2a) MAND3510 Module
Pre-Proficient User Plus Mandarin (C2a) MAND2510 Module
Pre-Proficient User Plus Spanish (C2a) SPNH1510 Module
Pre-Proficient User Plus Spanish (C2a) SPNH2510 Module
Pre-Proficient User Plus Spanish (C2a) SPNH3510 Module
Pre-Proficient User Spanish (C1a) SPNH1508 Module
Pre-Proficient User Spanish (C1a) SPNH2508 Module
Pre-Proficient User Spanish (C1a) SPNH3508 Module
Pre-Sessional A PRSS0500 Module
Pre-sessional A (Pathway A) Q33069 Programme
Pre-Sessional A Standard 2016/17 Q33044 Programme
Pre-Sessional A Third Route Q33062 Programme
Pre-sessional AA PRSS0101 Module
Pre-sessional AB PRSS0102 Module
Pre-sessional AC PRSS0103 Module
Pre-sessional AD PRSS0104 Module
Pre-Sessional B PRSS0501 Module
Pre-sessional B (Pathway A) Q33070 Programme
Pre-Sessional B Standard 2016/17 Q33045 Programme
Pre-Sessional B Third Route Q33063 Programme
Pre-sessional BA PRSS0201 Module
Pre-sessional BB PRSS0202 Module
Pre-sessional BC PRSS0203 Module
Pre-sessional BD PRSS0204 Module
Pre-sessional BE PRSS0205 Module
Pre-Sessional C PRSS0502 Module
Pre-sessional C (Pathway A) Q33071 Programme
Pre-Sessional C (Route 2) 2016/17 Q33067 Programme
Pre-Sessional C (Route 3) 2016/17 Q33061 Programme
Pre-Sessional C Standard 2016/17 Q33046 Programme
Pre-sessional CA PRSS0301 Module
Pre-sessional Ca PRSS0300 Module
Pre-sessional CB PRSS0302 Module
Pre-sessional CC PRSS0303 Module
Pre-sessional D (Pathway A) Q33072 Programme
Pre-sessional D Standard 2016/17 Q33047 Programme
Pre-sessional DA PRSS0401 Module
Pre-sessional DB PRSS0402 Module
Pre-Sessional E (Standard) 2016/17 Q33049 Programme
Preparation And Progression in Art and Design FIAD0307 Module
Presentation Abstracts: Arts, Design and Humanities REST7704 Module
Presenting and Contextualising Your Work FOTO1004 Module
Presenting And Representing The Past HIST1002 Module
Principles FTXD2002 Module
Principles and Methods ARCH5201 Module
Principles of Construction Technology and Practice INTD2400 Module
Principles of Design 1 INTD2200 Module
Principles of Design 2 INTD2300 Module
Principles of Visual Communication INTD2100 Module
Producing and Consuming Photographs HOPP5029 Module
Product FSHN1113 Module
Product and Furniture Design W24046 Programme
Product Communication DESP3001 Module
Product Communication DESP3000 Module
Product Design W24071 Programme
Product Design W24072 Programme
Product Design W24041 Programme
Product Design W24050 Programme
Product Design - Personal Project DESP3025 Module
Product Design - Student Design Competitions DESP3045 Module
Product Design Major Project DESP5005 Module
Product Innovation and Development FBUY3007 Module
Product Performance SITT5003 Module
Product Technology FBUY2009 Module
Professional Acting W41041 Programme
Professional and Promotional Identity FSHN2014 Module
Professional and Promotional Practice FSHN2114 Module
Professional Debut DESC3004 Module
Professional Debut: Exhibition DESC3006 Module
Professional Design Practice INTD2140 Module
Professional Performance Practice 1 DRAM2036 Module
Professional Portfolio & Pre Collection FSHN3204 Module
Professional Practice DESP5095 Module
Professional Practice FOTO5008 Module
Professional Practice TXDN3004 Module
Professional Practice & Portfolio CONF3104 Module
Professional Practice (FT) FOTO5014 Module
Professional Practice 1 FINE2024 Module
Professional Practice and PDP DESC2004 Module
Professional Practice for Sustainable Development ARCH2069 Module
Professional Practice Major Project PERF5018 Module
Professional Practice: Career Opportunity DESC3005 Module
Professional QS Skills and Management BENV1403 Module
Professional Quantity Surveying Skills ARCH1070 Module
Professional Studies PHVP2407 Module
Professional Studies FINE5009 Module
Professional StudiesE PHVP2707 Module
Professional Writing Skills CREW3002 Module
Professional Writing Skills E CREW3702 Module
Proficient User French (C1b) FREN1509 Module
Proficient User French (C1b) FREN2509 Module
Proficient User French (C1b) FREN3509 Module
Proficient User Mandarin (C1b) MAND3509 Module
Proficient User Mandarin (C1b) MAND2509 Module
Proficient User Mandarin (C1b) MAND1509 Module
Proficient User Plus French (C2b) FREN2511 Module
Proficient User Plus French (C2b) FREN3511 Module
Proficient User Plus French (C2b) FREN1511 Module
Proficient User Plus Mandarin (C2b) MAND1511 Module
Proficient User Plus Mandarin (C2b) MAND3511 Module
Proficient User Plus Mandarin (C2b) MAND2511 Module
Proficient User Plus Spanish (C2b) SPNH3511 Module
Proficient User Plus Spanish (C2b) SPNH2511 Module
Proficient User Plus Spanish (C2b) SPNH1511 Module
Proficient User Spanish (C1b) SPNH3509 Module
Proficient User Spanish (C1b) SPNH2509 Module
Proficient User Spanish (C1b) SPNH1509 Module
Programming & Planning Festivals AMAN2200 Module
Programming and Planning Festivals AMAN2101 Module
Programming and Planning Festivals E AMAN2701 Module
Progressive Contour Studies E CONF2700 Module
Progressive Contour Studies E FSHN2777 Module
Progressive Pattern Cutting & Construction CONF2103 Module
Progressive Trend & Product Development CONF2106 Module
Progressive Trend & Product Development FOOT2505 Module
Project FBUY3004 Module
Project Management Practice BENV2302 Module
Promote FTXD3002 Module
Promoting Dance DANS2513 Module
Promotion and Portfolio FSHN5007 Module
PSA PRSS0700 Module
PSB PRSS0701 Module
PSC PRSS0702 Module
Psycholinguistics TEFL5022 Module
Psycholinguistics ELAN5007 Module
Psycholinguistics E ELAN3772 Module
Public History and Heritage HIST5043 Module
Qatar Falcons - Group 1 AEFG1001 Module
Quantity Surveying Practice ARCH3079 Module
Radical & Contemporary Adaptations ENGL3100 Module
Refine FTXD3000 Module
Religion, Conflict and Cohesion IREL5003 Module
Research and Design Communication FSHN5021 Module
Research and Design Methodology INTD5012 Module
Research and Design Methodology DIGI5002 Module
Research for Design DESP3095 Module
Research into Performance PERF5001 Module
Research Lab 1 MCAP5001 Module
Research Lab 2 MCAP5003 Module
Research Methodology & Cultural Contexts DIDM5002 Module
Research Methods AMAN2204 Module
Research Methods ARCH5705 Module
Research Methods TEFL5114 Module
Research Methods - Communication: Humanities REST7061 Module
Research Methods - Dissertation AMAN2010 Module
Research Methods and Urban Design Theory ARCH5221 Module
Research Methods At Masters Level: Humanities REST7603 Module
Research Methods for Creative Arts Practice ADHP5706 Module
Research Methods for Linguists ELAN2006 Module
Research Methods for Linguists ELAN2031 Module
Research Methods for Postgraduate Art, Design and Humanities ADHP5701 Module
Research Methods in English Language Teaching TEFL5006 Module
Research Methods with Cultural Context FSMM5002 Module
Research Methods with Development Skills CONF5112 Module
Research Methods – Present and Future: Humanities REST7062 Module
Research Methods: Art And Design REST7020 Module
Research Methods: Arts, Design and Humanities REST7701 Module
Research Methods: Dissertation and Placement E AMAN2705 Module
Research Methods: Humanities REST7014 Module
Research Methods: Placement AMAN2011 Module
Research Planning and Ethics DESP5003 Module
Research Project FMAN3003 Module
Research Residency MCAP5004 Module
Researching as a Writer 1: Icebergs and Audience CREW5010 Module
Resolve FTXD3001 Module
Retail Design W29041 Programme
Retail Design W29011 Programme
Retail Design W29043 Programme
Rethinking Dance DANS1531 Module
Revolutionary Men, Unruly Women ENGL3045 Module
Revolutions: Acting and Directing DRAM2035 Module
Revolutions: Staging Plays DRAM1022 Module
Rewriting Film and Literature E ENGL2719 Module
Romantic and Victorian Literature ENGL2002 Module
Romantic and Victorian Literature E ENGL2721 Module
Running and Promoting a Venue AMAN1009 Module
Running and Promoting a Venue AMAN1013 Module
Score Making Project PERF2053 Module
Screen & Literary Adaptations of The Classics ENGL2019 Module
Screen Dance: Concept to Production DANS3528 Module
Semantics: Analysing linguistic meaning ELAN2024 Module
Service Design MADM5201 Module
Shaping Ideas CREW1013 Module
Shaping Ideas CREW1023 Module
Short-term placement (summer vacation) SANA2411 Module
Site Project PERF2052 Module
Social And Cultural Themes Of Sport HIST5021 Module
Social Media For Researchers REST7706 Module
Sociolinguistics ELAN2001 Module
Sociolinguistics ELAN2033 Module
Sociolinguistics E ELAN2701 Module
Sourcing & Supply FBUY3000 Module
Space, Place and Connections DANS1532 Module
Spanish Beginner SPNH1600 Module
Spanish Intermediate SPNH2603 Module
Spanish Post-Beginner SPNH1601 Module
Spanish Post-Beginner SPNH2602 Module
Specialism and Negotiated Study CREW3001 Module
Specialism Rotation TXDN1102 Module
Specialism Technical TXDN2101 Module
Specialist Knowledge and Skills DESP5002 Module
Specialist Research with Tech Skills SITT5002 Module
Sport and Politics HIST2015 Module
Sport and The Media HIST1018 Module
Sport Heritage SPMM5003 Module
Sport History SSC503 Programme
Sport in Twentieth Century Britain HIST2018 Module
Sport, Leisure and Culture in Twentieth Century Britain E HIST2701 Module
Sport, Politics and Policy HIST5022 Module
Sport, Writing and History HIST5024 Module
Sports Heritage and Legacy Management SPMM5047 Module
Sports History and Culture V3P341 Programme
Sports History and Culture V30071 Programme
Staging Texts DRAM3018 Module
Still and Moving Image: Research and Practice PHVP2406 Module
Still and Moving Image: Research and Practice E PHVP2706 Module
Story Craft CREW2012 Module
Story Craft CREW2022 Module
Story Craft E CREW2712 Module
Storytelling for Designers DIGD2020 Module
Strategic Interior Design Proposal INTD5014 Module
Structure and Meaning ELAN2030 Module
Structure and Meaning in Language E ELAN2704 Module
Structure and Variation in Language ELAN5001 Module
Studies in Literature and Film E ENGL3784 Module
Studio 1: Exploring Architecture ARCH1201 Module
Studio 2: Experiencing Architecture ARCH1202 Module
Studio 3: Creating Architecture ARCH1203 Module
Studio 4: Writing Architecture ARCH1204 Module
Studio Practice 1 FINE5006 Module
Studio Practice 2 FINE5004 Module
Studio Practice 3 FINE5005 Module
Studio Practice 4 FINE5007 Module
Studio Practice 5 FINE5008 Module
Studio Practice Development 1 FINE2021 Module
Studio Practice Development 1 FINE2201 Module
Studio Practice Development 2 FINE2203 Module
Studio Practice Development 2 FINE2023 Module
Studio Practice Development 3 FINE2204 Module
Studio Practice: Themes and Techniques FOTO2001 Module
Study Abroad (Art Design and Humanities) Z10045 Programme
Style and Colour FBUY2008 Module
Style, Production & Artistry DANS2600 Module
Subject Research Seminars And Events : Humanities REST7604 Module
Supply and Sourcing CONF5002 Module
Supply and Sourcing ADHP5208 Module
Surface Application and Promotion FSHN2004 Module
Sustainability in Architecture ARCH2056 Module
Sustainability Strategy and Design ADHP5201 Module
Sustainable Building Principles BENV1301 Module
Sustainable Building Principles ARCH1066 Module
Sustainable Futures FBUY1102 Module
Teaching and Leading Dance 1 DANS2525 Module
Teaching and Leading Dance 2 DANS3525 Module
Teaching English Language E ELAN2703 Module
Teaching of Receptive and Productive Skills TEFL5001 Module
Teaching Receptive and Productive Skills TEFL5111 Module
Technical Block TXDN2001 Module
Technical Design Innovation TEXT2427 Module
Technical Inquiry CONF2111 Module
Technical Stage Production PERF2026 Module
Technological and Environmental Innovation ARCH3065 Module
Technology and Environment Studies ARCH3054 Module
Technology for Design MADI5106 Module
Technology for Design ADHP5206 Module
Text Technologies ENGL2035 Module
Text Technologies ENGL2005 Module
Text Technologies E ENGL3796 Module
Textile Contexts TXDN1004 Module
Textile Design W23144 Programme
Textile Design W23141 Programme
Textile Design Rotation TXDN1002 Module
Textile Design, Technology and Innovation J42071 Programme
Textile Materials FBUY1401 Module
Textile Materials 2 FBUY2001 Module
Textile Technology DES500 Programme
Textile Technology & Sustainability SITT5001 Module
Textile Visions TEXT2426 Module
Textile Visions TXDN2004 Module
Textiles W23181 Programme
Textual Studies Using Computers ENGL3099 Module
The Cold War: Themes, issues and controversies HIST2017 Module
The Creative Arts Manager AMAN1012 Module
The Creative Arts Manager: Policy and Practice AMAN1006 Module
The Disintegration of Yugoslavia HIST3036 Module
The Economics of Construction ARCH1072 Module
The Fashion Client: Campaign with Film FSHN2012 Module
The Healthy Practitioner DANS2602 Module
The Healthy Practitioner DANS2527 Module
The Making of the Modern World HIST1009 Module
The Mind's eye:strategic design thinking ARCH3106 Module
The Multifaith City IREL5002 Module
The Olympics HIST3020 Module
The Olympics HIST3050 Module
The Origins of Multicultural Britain HIST2031 Module
The Responsive Dancer DANS1530 Module
The Sea; history of, and in, maritime spaces HIST3031 Module
The Sporting Body: Sex, Drugs and Disability HIST3030 Module
The Transformation of Modern Britain since 1939 HIST2002 Module
The Transformation of Modern Britain since 1939 E HIST2702 Module
Theatre and Performance Industry DRAM2019 Module
Theatre Company: Collaboration (A) DRAM2037 Module
Theatre Company: Ensemble DRAM1020 Module
Theatre for Social Change DRAM1013 Module
Theory & Practice of Int Relations BMIR5002 Module
Theory and Photography HOPP5011 Module
Theory and Practice of Design and Innovation DTP REST7801 Module
Theory and Practice of Inter-religious Dialogue IREL5004 Module
Theory of Manufacturing Processes & Technologies MDTI5004 Module
Thriving as a Researcher HUMS5011 Module
Topics in Architecture ARCH2058 Module
Topics in Linguistics:Theory in Practice ELAN1022 Module
Transatlantic Sport: 1850-1940 HIST3095 Module
Transatlantic Sport: Europe and the USA HIST3035 Module
Trend & Product Development CONF1106 Module
Trends and Issues TEFL5112 Module
Trends and Issues in the Communicative ELT Classroom TEFL5015 Module
Trends and Product Development FOOT1503 Module
Twentieth Century Europe HIST1007 Module
Twentieth Century Literature ENGL2026 Module
Understanding Space INTD1110 Module
University Dance Company DANS3504 Module
Urban Design Studio ARCH5223 Module
Urban Design Thesis (Major Project) Pathway 1 ARCH5224 Module
Urban Design Thesis (Major Project) Pathway 2 ARCH5225 Module
Urban Representation and Visualisation ARCH5009 Module
Urban Studies ARCH2062 Module
Urban Studies K44071 Programme
User Experience Design DIGD1030 Module
UX/UI Design ADHP5203 Module
Varieties of ELT for Intern'l Learners TEFL2003 Module
Varieties of English Language Teaching for International Lea TEFL2004 Module
Varieties of Language: Stylistics E ELAN2702 Module
Victorian Literature ENGL2025 Module
Video W61341 Programme
Visiting Art Researcher R29999 Programme
Visiting Humanities Researcher R39999 Programme
Visual Communication CONF1104 Module
Visual Communication INTD1100 Module
Visual Communication DESP1050 Module
Visual Communications 2 CONF2104 Module
Visual Enquiry TXDN1001 Module
Visual Histories and Visual Methods DTP REST7804 Module
Visual Journalism and Documentary Photography P50072 Programme
Visualising the Modern World (1860-1950) HIST2026 Module
Visualising the Modern World 1860-1950 HIST2011 Module
Visualising the Modern World 1860-1950 E HIST2711 Module
Visuals and Illustration FSHN1106 Module
Watching Early Modern Drama: Spectatorship and Fandom ENGL3054 Module
Ways of Reading ENGL2017 Module
Ways of Reading E ENGL2717 Module
What is Sport?: History and Meaning HIST1016 Module
Witchcraft, Magic and the Supernatural HIST3034 Module
Word, Image and Sound CREW2000 Module
Word, Image, Sound CREW2021 Module
Words in Action ELAN1020 Module
Words in Action: An Introduction to Grammar and Linguistics ELAN1001 Module
Work based project - live project ADHP5010 Module
Work Based Project/Placement ADHP5009 Module
Work Based Project/Placement AMAN5009 Module
Work Based Project/Placement AMAN5116 Module
Work-based Project TEFL5019 Module
Work-Based Project ADHP5207 Module
Workshop Materials and Processes DESC1001 Module
Workshop Practice WORK1000 Module
Writers’ Salon CREW1022 Module
Writing Adaptations: Theory & Practice ENGL3102 Module
Writing and Context E CREW2700 Module
Writing Ecosystems CREW5004 Module
Writing Ecosystems 1: Navigating Netw CREW5014 Module
Writing Ecosystems 2: Perf, Pres, Pegago CREW5015 Module
Writing Identity CREW1001 Module
Writing Identity CREW1021 Module
Writing Place CREW2001 Module
Writing Place CREW2020 Module
Writing Place E CREW2701 Module
Yugoslavia and Beyond HIST3099 Module

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