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(Business Studies) N1N260 Programme
Academic and Professional Skills CORX5002 Module
Academic and Professional skills CORX2000 Module
Academic Development and Professional Practice ENTE1203 Module
ACCA N40092 Programme
ACCA N40094 Programme
ACCA N40093 Programme
Acca Undergraduate N40091 Programme
Accounting N40044 Programme
Accounting and Budget Management BABM1003 Module
Accounting and Business Management N1N433 Programme
Accounting and Business Management N1N431 Programme
Accounting and Economics N4L131 Programme
Accounting and Finance N40077 Programme
Accounting and Finance N3N441 Programme
Accounting and Finance N40078 Programme
Accounting and Finance N40080 Programme
Accounting and Finance N40071 Programme
Accounting and Finance N3N442 Programme
Accounting and Finance (Study Abroad) N4N300 Programme
Accounting and Finance Project ACFI3420 Module
Accounting and Law M1N431 Programme
Accounting for Managers ACFI5020 Module
Accounting for Organisational Perf BACB1002 Module
Accounting in the Business Environment BACB1001 Module
Accounting Standards and Theory ACFI2421 Module
Accounting Studies N40041 Programme
Advanced Business Intelligence ACFI3425 Module
Advanced Business Strategy and Leadership ACFI5410 Module
Advanced Corporate Finance ACFI3390 Module
Advanced Corporate Finance ACFI3310 Module
Advanced Criminal Law LLBP3016 Module
Advanced Decision Management ACFI3416 Module
Advanced Financial Reporting ACFI3221 Module
Advanced Marketing Analytics MARK5083 Module
Advanced Strategic Management BMBA5002 Module
Advanced Taxation ACFI3297 Module
Advanced Taxation ACFI3227 Module
Advertising and Marketing Communications N56041 Programme
Advertising and Promotion MARK2314 Module
Advertising and Public Relations Management N5P271 Programme
Air Transport Economics POPP5049 Module
Air Transport Management N85371 Programme
Air Transport Research Project BMAT5005 Module
Airline Business Strategy POPP5046 Module
Airline Business Strategy and Marketing BMAT5003 Module
Airline Operations and Marketing POPP5051 Module
Airport Management POPP5050 Module
Airport Planning and Operations POPP5048 Module
Airports: Planning, Operations & Mangmnt BMAT5002 Module
Alternative Dispute Resolution LLMP5273 Module
Alternative Dispute Resolution LLMP5359 Module
An Evaluation of Management Accounting ACFI5068 Module
An Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Enterprise ENTE1521 Module
Applied Accounting N40081 Programme
Applied Asset Management BMFI5001 Module
Applied Corporate Finance ACFI5069 Module
Applied Econometrics ECON3540 Module
Applied Economics Dissertation BMEC5005 Module
Applied Macroeconomics BECS1003 Module
Applied Microeconomics BECS1001 Module
Applied Research Project BMFB5006 Module
Applied Techniques for Economists ECON1541 Module
Applied Trading ACFI5071 Module
Artificial Intell. & Fin. Implications ACFI3426 Module
Aspects of Discrimination in Business LLMP5265 Module
Asset Pricing and Risk Management BFIN2004 Module
Assurance and Risk ACFI5076 Module
Atmospheric Pollution Law: Local Authority Powers and Duties LLMP5211 Module
Audit and Assurance ACFI3214 Module
BAL Induction and Future Focus BABM1005 Module
Bank Financial Management ACFI5045 Module
Bank Management, Regulation & Supervisio BMFB5003 Module
Banking & Finance Law LLMP5259 Module
Behavioural Economics ECON3541 Module
Behavioural Finance ACFI5078 Module
Biodiversity and Nature Conservation Law LLMP5204 Module
Brand Management BLEX2005 Module
Brand Management MARK2313 Module
Brand Management BMKT2001 Module
Brand PR MARK5077 Module
Brand Strategy and Management BAMC2002 Module
Brands & Consumer Behaviour BBMK2002 Module
Britain and European Integration POPP5022 Module
British Government and Politics POPP1407 Module
Brownfield & Contaminated Land LLMP5329 Module
BSc Economics Dissertation ECON3531 Module
Bus Cont, Crisis and Project Mngement BMRM5003 Module
Bus Ethics, Sustainability & Social Resp BHRM2006 Module
Business N10044 Programme
Business N10043 Programme
Business N10027 Programme
Business Analytics ACFI5073 Module
Business Across Cultures LCBS5042 Module
Business Administration N10048 Programme
Business Administration N10071 Programme
Business Administration (Health Management) N10080 Programme
Business Administration (Health Management) N10079 Programme
Business Administration and Management N20052 Programme
Business Administration and Management N20055 Programme
Business Administration and Management N20049 Programme
Business Administration and Management N20044 Programme
Business Analysis and Research project CORX5084 Module
Business Analysis Techniques BACF1003 Module
Business Analytics and Research Skills BENI2003 Module
Business and Entrepreneurship (Study Abroad) N1N200 Programme
Business and Finance N1N333 Programme
Business and Finance N1N334 Programme
Business and Finance Essentials ACFI2206 Module
Business and Finance Essentials BLEX2018 Module
Business and Globalisation N12041 Programme
Business and Management N10011 Programme
Business and Management N10010 Programme
Business and Management N10065 Programme
Business and Management Studies BUS500 Programme
Business And Marketing N1N542 Programme
Business And Marketing N1N541 Programme
Business and Marketing Environment CORP1541 Module
Business and Marketing Environment CORD1008 Module
Business and Marketing Environment CORX1541 Module
Business and Sustainability CORP2550 Module
Business Continuity and Crisis Management CORP5058 Module
Business Continuity and Crisis Management CORD5018 Module
Business Creation and Innovation LCBS5002 Module
Business Creation and Innovation ENTE5000 Module
Business Dynamics, Ethics and Culture BAIB1002 Module
Business Economics and Business Finance L1N371 Programme
Business Economics and Business Finance L1N372 Programme
Business Economics and International Relations L1L272 Programme
Business Economics and International Relations L1L271 Programme
Business Economics and Marketing L1N571 Programme
Business Economics and Marketing L1N572 Programme
Business Economics and Risk Management L1N271 Programme
Business Economics and Risk Management L1N272 Programme
Business Entities BLEX2107 Module
Business Entities LLBP2052 Module
Business Entrepreneurship and Innovation N1N233 Programme
Business Entrepreneurship and Innovation N1N232 Programme
Business Ethics & Social Responsibility BBMK2004 Module
Business Ethics & Sustainable Entrepren. BENI2001 Module
Business Ethics and Compliance ACFI5411 Module
Business Finance ACFI3203 Module
Business Finance & Enterprise Developmnt BMBA5004 Module
Business for Housing K45073 Programme
Business Improvement Project CORX2003 Module
Business Improvement Project CORX5005 Module
Business in Motorsport N1C674 Programme
Business Intel & Financial Data Analysis BFIN1004 Module
Business Intelligence using Excel ACFI2424 Module
Business Law LAWG2002 Module
Business Law BLEX2019 Module
Business Law & Financial Management LMSQ5001 Module
Business Law and Practice LGMP5042 Module
Business Law and Practice LGMP5022 Module
Business Law and Practice LGMP5002 Module
Business Law in the UK and EU LLMP5231 Module
Business Management N10056 Programme
Business Management & Employability LBPG5013 Module
Business Management (Study Abroad) N10000 Programme
Business Management and Economics N1L131 Programme
Business Management and Finance N1N331 Programme
Business Management and Finance N1N332 Programme
Business Management and Human Resource Management N1N631 Programme
Business Management and Human Resource Management N1N632 Programme
Business Management and Law M1N131 Programme
Business Management and Media N1P331 Programme
Business Management in Sport N1C672 Programme
Business Management in Sport N1C671 Programme
Business Management in the Creative Industries N1N272 Programme
Business Management in the Creative Industries N1N271 Programme
Business of Motorsport N1C673 Programme
Business of the Creative Industries Environment LCBS5048 Module
Business Project (Simulator) BMIB5009 Module
Business Research and Analysis BABM2003 Module
Business Research Issues and Analysis CORP2181 Module
Business Research Project BMAF5005 Module
Business Research Project LBPG5030 Module
Business Research Project MARK5030 Module
Business Studies N10047 Programme
Business Studies N10060 Programme
Business Studies PT (Standard) N10045 Programme
Business Sustainability CORX5083 Module
Business Sustainability LBPG5032 Module
Business Taxation ACFI2398 Module
Business Taxation ACFI2308 Module
Campaign Planning MARK3003 Module
Change Management CORD5028 Module
Change Management CORX5079 Module
Change Management LBPG5033 Module
Change Management CORX5000 Module
Child Law LGMP5008 Module
Child Law LGMP5028 Module
Civil Liberties in the Workplace LLMP5263 Module
Coaching Exploration and Discovery HRMX5001 Module
Coaching Exploration and Discovery LCBS5061 Module
Coaching Fundamentals HRMX5000 Module
Coaching Fundamentals LCBS5060 Module
Collaborative Innovation POPP5058 Module
Collective Labour Law LLMP5262 Module
Collective Labour Rights and Redundancy LMEL5003 Module
Commercial Contracting & Financing LMIC5001 Module
Commercial Law LGMP5050 Module
Commercial Law LGMP5030 Module
Commercial Law LLBP3007 Module
Commercial Litigation LGMP5012 Module
Commercial Litigation LGMP5052 Module
Commercial Litigation LGMP5032 Module
Commercial Property LGMP5051 Module
Commercial Property LGMP5011 Module
Commercial Property LGMP5031 Module
Communication and Employablity CORP1001 Module
Community Governance L29043 Programme
Community Governance L29042 Programme
Community Governance L29041 Programme
Community Leadership and Governance POPP5029 Module
Companies and Other Business Entities LLLB2006 Module
Company Law LLMP5250 Module
Company Law LLBP3009 Module
Company Law For Accountants LAWG2013 Module
Comparative Company Law LLMP5314 Module
Comparative Local Government POPP2011 Module
Competition Law and Consumer Protection LMIC5003 Module
Consent and Incapacitated Patients LLMP5285 Module
Constitutional & Administrative Law LLLB1004 Module
Constitutional and Administrative Law LLBP1001 Module
Consultancy Project in Risk Management BMRM5006 Module
Consulting Live ENTE2509 Module
Consulting project ENTE5003 Module
Consulting Project BMIB5008 Module
Consulting Project (Simulator) BMBA5007 Module
Consumer Behaviour MARK2303 Module
Consumer Behaviour BAMC2001 Module
Consumer Culture & Behaviour MARK5057 Module
Consumer Experience and Behaviour BMDM5005 Module
Consumer Experience and Behaviour BMMM5005 Module
Consumer Law LLMP5248 Module
Contemp Issues in Strat Marketing BBMK2001 Module
Contemp. Issues in Sustainable Business BABM2002 Module
Contemporary Advertising Strategy BMAP5001 Module
Contemporary and Global Perspectives BMHR5003 Module
Contemporary Business Issues CORX3548 Module
Contemporary Business Issues BLEX3002 Module
Contemporary Business Issues CORP3543 Module
Contemporary Business Issues CORD3002 Module
Contemporary Business Model Generation CORP5066 Module
Contemporary International Theory POPP2004 Module
Contemporary Issues in Advertising and PR MARK3020 Module
Contemporary Issues in Global Business BBEC2004 Module
Contemporary Issues in International Financial Reporting ACFI5067 Module
Contemporary Issues in Marketing BMKT2004 Module
Contemporary Issues in Microeconomics BBEC1001 Module
Contemporary Macro: Policy and Practice BECS2004 Module
Contemporary Management BLEX2012 Module
Contemporary Management CORP2165 Module
Contemporary Marketing Practice BMMM5001 Module
Contemporary Marketing Practice BMDM5001 Module
Contemporary Media Choice BMAP5004 Module
Contemporary Political Debates POPP5031 Module
Contemporary Topics in Global Economics BMEC5004 Module
Context of Housing BEHS5927 Module
Contract Law LLLB1003 Module
Contracts in Media and Entertainment Law LLMP5356 Module
Coroners Law LLMP5268 Module
Corporate and Brand PR BMAP5003 Module
Corporate Communications MARK5085 Module
Corporate Entrepreneurship & Innovation ENTE2563 Module
Corporate Finance ACFI2393 Module
Corporate Finance ACFI3443 Module
Corporate Finance BFIN2002 Module
Corporate Finance ACFI2303 Module
Corporate Financing and Governance BMAF5002 Module
Corporate Governance ACFI5029 Module
Corporate Insolvency LLMP5275 Module
Corporate Performance Management CORD5011 Module
Corporate Performance Management ACFI5017 Module
Corporate Social Responsibility CORP5060 Module
Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Ethics CORP3547 Module
Corporate Social Responsibility and Property CORD5005 Module
Corporate Sustainability & Bness Ethics BMIB5006 Module
Corruption and its Avoidance POPP2010 Module
Corruption and its Avoidance BLEX2017 Module
Creation and Termination of Life LMML5003 Module
Creative Action in International Organisations ENTE5042 Module
Creative Art of Selling and Negotiation BLEX2014 Module
Creative Brand Strategy MARK5076 Module
Creative Branding, Buying and Selling BENI2002 Module
Creative Enterprise N1N273 Programme
Creative Enterprise N1N274 Programme
Creative Management and Marketing ENTE3506 Module
Creative Management and Marketing BLEX3006 Module
Creative Problem Solving CORD2010 Module
Creative Research Project LCBS5032 Module
Credit and Lending ACFI5081 Module
Criminal Investigations LMCP5001 Module
Criminal Law LLLB1002 Module
Criminal Law LLBP3015 Module
Criminal Law LLBP1015 Module
Criminal Litigation in Practice LMSQ5004 Module
Criminology LLBP2013 Module
Criminology BLEX2102 Module
Crisis & Business Continuity Management BLEX3010 Module
Crisis & Business Continuity Management CORP3364 Module
Critical analysis of organisations CORP3546 Module
Critical Human Resource Management HRMG3201 Module
Critical Human Resource Management BLEX3007 Module
Critical Issues in the Criminal Trial LMCP5002 Module
Critical Management & Org Studies BMIB5004 Module
Critical Management in a Global Context CORP5068 Module
Critical Skills for Accountants ACFI3444 Module
Cross-Cultural Management and Marketing BMBA5003 Module
Customer Insight BMKT2002 Module
Customer Management MARK3014 Module
Customer Management BLEX3011 Module
Customer Management MARK3114 Module
Cybercrime and Business Analytics BMFA5002 Module
Data Analysis Project BMAF5006 Module
Data Analytics and Research Skills BAIB2002 Module
Data Management and Visualisation BECS1004 Module
Data Modelling and Analytics BBEC2003 Module
Decision Making & the Economic Life of Buildings CORD5004 Module
Decision Making for Marketing BMKT1003 Module
Decision Management ACFI2426 Module
Decision Points: The Domestic Context of US Foreign Policy POPP5023 Module
Democracy and its Discontents POPP5035 Module
Democratising Urban Spaces POPP5028 Module
Dental Law, Practice and Ethics LLMP5234 Module
Designing Public Services POPP5059 Module
Developing Business ENTE3533 Module
Developing Collaborative Cultures HRMX5004 Module
Developing Collaborative Cultures CORD5031 Module
Developing Collaborative Cultures HRMX5066 Module
Developing Enterprise LCBS5058 Module
Developing Skills for Business Leadership HRMG5052 Module
Development of the Research Design DBA003 Module
Developments in Advanced Microeconomics ECON3534 Module
Digital Business and Marketing CORD2008 Module
Digital Business and Marketing MARX2334 Module
Digital Forensic Support Module ACFI5064 Module
Digital Marketing and Media BAMC2003 Module
Digital Marketing and Social Media N59041 Programme
Digital Marketing Strategy BMDM5004 Module
Digital Marketing Strategy BMMM5004 Module
Diplomacy and International Politics POPP5020 Module
Diplomacy and World Order L25072 Programme
Direct & Digital Marketing MARK5065 Module
Direct and Digital Marketing MARK2309 Module
Dispute Resolution in Practice LMSQ5003 Module
Dissertation POPP5026 Module
Dissertation BMAP5005 Module
Dissertation ECON5000 Module
Dissertation LBPG5001 Module
Dissertation PLAW5612 Module
Dissertation BMRM5005 Module
Dissertation BMIB5007 Module
Dissertation BMFB5005 Module
Dissertation MARK5020 Module
Dissertation LBPG5017 Module
Dissertation BABM3009 Module
Dissertation LMML5005 Module
Dissertation ACFI5028 Module
Dissertation LLMP5272 Module
Dissertation (Property Management & Investment) CORD5008 Module
Dissertation in Forensic Accounting BMFA5005 Module
Doctor of Business Administration DBA800 Programme
Drafting and Negotiation of International Agreements LLBP2071 Module
Dynamic Leadership for Organisations CORX5007 Module
E Marketing BLEX3009 Module
E Marketing MARK3011 Module
Ecological Economics ECON3542 Module
Econometrics BFIN2003 Module
Econometrics ACFI2302 Module
Econometrics and Data Analytics BECS2002 Module
Econometrics and Data Science BMEC5003 Module
Econometrics for Economists ECON2560 Module
Economic Analytics ECON2545 Module
Economic Development ECON3537 Module
Economics L10041 Programme
Economics L10042 Programme
Economics and Finance L1N331 Programme
Economics and Finance (Study Abroad) L1N300 Programme
Economics and Government L1L231 Programme
Economics and International Relations L1L233 Programme
Economics and Politics L1L232 Programme
Economics and Strategic Analysis ECON5003 Module
Economics Dissertation ECON3530 Module
Economics in Global Business BAIB1003 Module
Economics of Emerging Markets ECON5002 Module
Economics of Financial Markets ECON2551 Module
Economics of Financial Markets and Institutions ECON2552 Module
Economics of Financial Markets and the Central Bank ECON3508 Module
Economics of the Property Organisation CORD5001 Module
Employability, Professionalism and Academic Study Skills HRMG1203 Module
Employee Resourcing BMHR5004 Module
Employee Resourcing HRMG5056 Module
Employment Law LLBP3027 Module
Employment Law LGMP5006 Module
Employment Law LGMP5046 Module
Employment Law LGMP5026 Module
Employment Law in Context in the UK and EU LLMP5271 Module
Employment Relations HRMG2203 Module
Empowering Communities POPP5057 Module
English and European Legal Contexts LLBP1002 Module
English and European Legal Systems LLLB1001 Module
English Law M11106 Programme
English Legal System LGMP3007 Module
Enterprise and Innovation ENTX5006 Module
Enterprise and Innovation CORD5033 Module
Enterprise and Innovation ENTX5000 Module
Entrepreneurial & Creative Action in IO BMIE5001 Module
Entrepreneurial Fin. & Decision Making BENI1004 Module
Entrepreneurship & Bus Ventures BBMK1004 Module
Entrepreneurship & Innovation Today BENI1001 Module
Entrepreneurship and Strategic Decision Making ENTE5002 Module
Entrepreneurship Project BMBA5006 Module
Entrepreneurship Project LCBS5031 Module
Entrepreship & Strategic Decision Making BMIE5002 Module
Environment, Legal Control and EU Regulations LLMP5201 Module
Environmental Assessments LLMP5203 Module
Environmental Permitting and Climate Change Regulation LLMP5209 Module
Environmental Politics: Sustainable Alternatives in Action POPP3404 Module
Equal Opportunities and Discrimination LMEL5004 Module
Equal Opportunities in the Workplace LLMP5276 Module
Equity and Fixed Income Valuation ACFI2304 Module
Equity and Trusts LLBP3033 Module
Erasmus Exchange SANB2802 Module
Erasmus Exchange (Business) Z40042 Programme
Essential Bus Intell & Fin Decision Mkg BBMK1003 Module
Essentials of Economics BFIN1003 Module
Ethical and Responsible Leadership BABM2004 Module
Ethics for Professionals ACFI2425 Module
Ethics in Sports Management and Governance LCBS5045 Module
EU Competition Law LLMP5254 Module
Euopean Union Law LGMP3005 Module
European Business Issues BLEX2002 Module
European Business Issues CORP2549 Module
European e-Commerce Law LLMP5279 Module
European Economic Issues ECON2549 Module
European Union Competition Law 1 LLMP5308 Module
European Union Competition Law 2 LLMP5309 Module
European Union Public Law LLBP2018 Module
European Union Public Law BLEX2103 Module
Event Management LLMP5297 Module
Event Preparation and Planning CORX1002 Module
Exchange Programme Z40041 Programme
Executive Business Simulation LBPG5009 Module
Executive Company Project LCBS5064 Module
Executive Company Project BMBA5005 Module
Executive MBA N10083 Programme
Executive MBA N10085 Programme
Expert Evidence LLMP5261 Module
Expert Evidence and Coroner’s Law LMML5004 Module
Family Firm Management and Innovation CORP5078 Module
Family Law LLLB2004 Module
Family Law LGMP5029 Module
Family Law LGMP5049 Module
Family Law LLBP2023 Module
Fin. & Report. for Mgmt Decisions BABM2001 Module
Finan Cri & Law and Litigation Support BMFA5003 Module
Finance N30041 Programme
Finance & Data Analysis ACFX1902 Module
Finance and Investment N40079 Programme
Finance Theory ACFI5042 Module
Finance, Invstmnts & Financial Mngemnt BMFB5001 Module
Financial Accounting ACFI1301 Module
Financial Accounting BACB1003 Module
Financial Accounting and Policy BMAF5001 Module
Financial Crime and Law ACFI5036 Module
Financial Decision Making ACFI1203 Module
Financial Decision Making ACFX5085 Module
Financial Decision Making ACFX5002 Module
Financial Decision Management BMAF5003 Module
Financial Derivatives ACFI5043 Module
Financial Econometrics ACFI5041 Module
Financial Econometrics ACFI3308 Module
Financial Markets and the Central Bank ECON3507 Module
Financial Reporting ACFI2307 Module
Financial Reporting and Accounting ACFI3441 Module
Financial Reporting and Analysis BFIN2001 Module
Financial Skills ACFI5055 Module
Fintech ACFI5083 Module
FinTech, Green Finance and Investment BMFI5002 Module
Food Consumer Protection Law LLMP5240 Module
Food Law in the UK and EU LLMP5221 Module
Food Marketing Law LLMP5242 Module
Food Safety Law LLMP5244 Module
Food Sources Protection Law LLMP5246 Module
Forensic Accounting N40072 Programme
Forensic Accounting ACFI3211 Module
Found. of Global Bus. in the Digital Age BBMK1001 Module
Foundations of Business Management BABM1001 Module
Foundations of Criminal Law LGMP3000 Module
Foundations of Equity and the Law of Trusts PGDL3002 Module
Foundations of Equity and Trusts LGMP3006 Module
Foundations of Property Law LGMP3003 Module
Foundations of Public Law LGMP3004 Module
Foundations of Sports Law and the Sports Regulatory Regime LLMP5291 Module
Fraud Examination & Investigation BMFA5001 Module
Fraud Examination and Investigation ACFI5034 Module
Freedom of Religion and the Rights of Minorities in Internat LLMP5321 Module
Front and Back of house CORX1004 Module
Fundamentals of Advertising and Comms BAMC1002 Module
Fundamentals of Bus. Theory & Practice BENI1002 Module
Fundamentals of Empirical Social Research POPP5008 Module
Fundamentals of HRM BHRM1001 Module
Fundamentals of Organisations & Markets BMKT1001 Module
Further Audit and Assurance ACFI5407 Module
Further Taxation ACFI5406 Module
Future of Work and Organisations HRMX5067 Module
Game Theory ECON2550 Module
Gender & Law LLBP3028 Module
Gender and Sexuality in International Law LLMP5322 Module
Gender, Sexuality and Minority Rights LMSH5002 Module
Global Accounting N40042 Programme
Global Banking and Finance N31071 Programme
Global Banking and Finance N31072 Programme
Global Business and Finance CORP1530 Module
Global Business Environment IBUS1001 Module
Global Business Environment BAIB1001 Module
Global Business Issues CORP1528 Module
Global Comparative Politics POPP1105 Module
Global Consumer Cultures: Critical Perspectives MARK3030 Module
Global Contemporary Business Issues CORP3544 Module
Global Corporate Accounting ACFI3050 Module
Global Finance N30042 Programme
Global Finance and Investment N34074 Programme
Global Finance and Investment N34073 Programme
Global Financial Markets & Institutions BECS2003 Module
Global Financial Markets & Institutions BFIN1001 Module
Global Health: Politics, Policy and Strategy POPP5025 Module
Global Intellectual Property Management LLMP5311 Module
Global Leadership and Management N20053 Programme
Global Leadership and Practice CORP2001 Module
Global Marketing Strategies BLEX3003 Module
Global Marketing Strategies MARK3012 Module
Global MBA N10078 Programme
Global MBA N10077 Programme
GLOBAL MBA N10084 Programme
Global Operations & Supply Chain Mgmt BABM2005 Module
Global Operations & Supply Chain Mgmt BLEX2020 Module
Global Operations and Supply Chain Management CORP2551 Module
Global Outsourcing and Offshoring CORP5084 Module
Global Policy L24071 Programme
Global Resourcing and Talent Management BMIH5001 Module
Global Sports Marketing LCBS5014 Module
Global Strategic Management BLEX3001 Module
Global Strategic Management CORP3501 Module
Global Strategy CORX5001 Module
Global Strategy CORX5080 Module
Global Strategy CORD5035 Module
Global Supply Chain Management ACFI5056 Module
Globalisation POPP5007 Module
Globalisation and Democracy BLEX3017 Module
Globalisation and International HRM HRMG3203 Module
Governance & Social Responsibility ACFI5074 Module
Governance and Sustainability ACFI3423 Module
Governance, Assurance and Risk BMRM5002 Module
Governance, Ethics, Assurance and Risk BMFA5004 Module
Government and Business POPP2406 Module
Government and Politics L2L232 Programme
Health Policy and Politics POPP3406 Module
Housing K45094 Programme
Housing and Sustainable Communities K45096 Programme
Housing Dissertation BEHS5923 Module
Housing Markets and the State BEHS5925 Module
Housing Organisations BEHS5928 Module
Housing Research BEHS5922 Module
Housing Studies K45041 Programme
Housing Studies K45021 Programme
Housing Studies K45075 Programme
Housing Studies K45074 Programme
Housing, Communities and Regeneration K45011 Programme
HRM in a Global Business Context BHRM1004 Module
HRM in a Legal Context HRMG5058 Module
HRM in Context HRMG5053 Module
HRM in the Workplace BHRM2001 Module
Human Resource and People Management BABM1004 Module
Human Resource Management N60088 Programme
Human Resource Management N60087 Programme
Human Resource Management N60079 Programme
Human Resource Management N60092 Programme
Human Resource Management N60089 Programme
Human Resource Management N60094 Programme
Human Resource Management N60095 Programme
Human Resource Management N60098 Programme
Human Resource Management N60042 Programme
Human Resource Management N60041 Programme
Human Resource Management N60082 Programme
Human Resource Management N60084 Programme
Human Resource Management N60085 Programme
Human Resource Management N60093 Programme
Human Resource Management N60078 Programme
Human Resource Management N60086 Programme
Human Resource Management (Study Abroad) N60000 Programme
Human Resource Management and Law M1N631 Programme
Human Resource Management and Marketing N5N631 Programme
Human Resource Management and Psychology C8N631 Programme
Human Resource Management in the Workplace BLEX2004 Module
Human Resource Management in the Workplace HRMG2201 Module
Human Resources Management N60097 Programme
Human Resources Management N60096 Programme
Human Rights LLBP2002 Module
Human Rights Law LLLB2005 Module
Humanitarian Law LMSH5003 Module
Immigration and Refugee Law LLBP3004 Module
Individual Employment Law LLMP5274 Module
Individual Employment Rights LMEL5002 Module
Informed Decision Making CORX2553 Module
Ingress and Egress CORX1003 Module
Innovation and Technology Management BMIB5002 Module
Int Finance and Strategic Fin Dec Mkng BMRM5004 Module
Int to Leg Sys and Bas Elem of Energ Law LLMP5349 Module
Int. Financial Mgmt & Decision Making BAIB2005 Module
Int. Organisational Behaviour & Lead. BAIB2003 Module
Integrated Marketing Communications BMMM5003 Module
Integrated Marketing Communications BMKT2003 Module
Integrated Marketing Communications BMDM5003 Module
Integrated Masters in Accounting and Finance N3N460 Programme
Integrity in International Sport LLMP5326 Module
Intell Prop Rights & (New) Media LLMP5357 Module
Intellectual Property Law LLMP5258 Module
Intellectual Property Law LLBP3025 Module
Inter-Professional Legal Skills LLLB2003 Module
Inter-Professional Legal Skills LLBP2070 Module
Intercultural Business Communication P20071 Programme
Intercultural Business Communications N12076 Programme
Intercultural Business Communications N12077 Programme
Intercultural Communication in Practice LCBS5044 Module
Intermediate Macroeconomics ECON2542 Module
Intermediate Microeconomics ECON2543 Module
Internal Control and Audit CORD5017 Module
International Accounting and Finance Issues ACFI3424 Module
International Arbitration LLMP5319 Module
International Banking and Finance N31073 Programme
International Banking and Financial Regulations ACFI5046 Module
International Business N12042 Programme
International Business N10054 Programme
International Business IBUS2001 Module
International Business N10053 Programme
International Business N12043 Programme
International Business & Corporate Social Responsibility N1N172 Programme
International Business and Marketing N1M571 Programme
International Business and Corporate Social Responsibility N1N173 Programme
International Business And Entrepreneurship N1N171 Programme
International Business And Entrepreneurship N1N174 Programme
International Business And Finance N1N371 Programme
International Business And Finance N1N373 Programme
International Business And Human Resource Management N1N671 Programme
International Business And Human Resource Management N1N672 Programme
International Business And Management N12071 Programme
International Business And Management N12073 Programme
International Business And Management N12074 Programme
International Business And Management N12075 Programme
International Business and Marketing N1N571 Programme
International Business and Marketing N1N572 Programme
International Business and Strategy BMIB5001 Module
International Business Law M20076 Programme
International Business Taxation ACFI3313 Module
International Buyer Behaviour & Branding BMIM5001 Module
International Carriage of Goods Law LLMP5310 Module
International Child Law LLBP3024 Module
International Child Law LMSH5004 Module
International Child Law LLMP5301 Module
International Company and Insolvency Law LMIC5004 Module
International Developments in Accounting ACFI3217 Module
International Developments in Accounting BLEX3005 Module
International Economic Law LLMP5320 Module
International Environmental Law LLMP5222 Module
International Finance ACFI5021 Module
International Finance and Accounting BMIF5002 Module
International Finance and Investment N40073 Programme
International Financial Derivatives ACFI3309 Module
International Financial Management ACFI3311 Module
International Financial Markets and Institutions ACFI2301 Module
International Financial Markets and Institutions ACFI5040 Module
International HRM HRMG5059 Module
International Human Resource Management BMIH5002 Module
International Human Rights Law LLMP5300 Module
International Humanitarian Law LLMP5306 Module
International IP Law LMIC5002 Module
International law LLBP3037 Module
International Law LLLB2009 Module
International Law LLMP5325 Module
International Law LLMP5304 Module
International Marketing MARK2312 Module
International Marketing MARK2332 Module
International Marketing MARK5054 Module
International Marketing N55042 Programme
International Marketing BMIM5002 Module
International Marketing BLEX2016 Module
International Marketing and Business N55041 Programme
International Marketing and Business N55043 Programme
International Public Sector Accounting and Finance ACFI3210 Module
International Relations L25071 Programme
International Relations L25045 Programme
International Relations (Study Abroad) L25000 Programme
International Relations and Politics L2L231 Programme
International Sales Law LLMP5313 Module
International Security in a Globalised World BLEX3013 Module
International Sports Law LLMP5327 Module
International Strategic Management, Markets & Resources CORP5039 Module
International Supply Chain Management BAIB2004 Module
International Taxation Policy ACFI5075 Module
International Trade ECON3538 Module
International Trade Theory and Policy ECON5006 Module
International Trading and Investments BMAF5004 Module
Introduction to Accounting ACFI1202 Module
Introduction to Comparative Business Law LLMP5307 Module
Introduction to Contemporary International Relations POPP1104 Module
Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Solution Innovation EIST1001 Module
Introduction to Financial Accounting BACF1001 Module
Introduction to Globalisation POPP1402 Module
Introduction to Health Care Law and Ethics LLMP5281 Module
Introduction to HRM HRMG1201 Module
Introduction to Law LAWG1007 Module
Introduction to Law and Legal Processes LLMP5337 Module
Introduction to Macroeconomics ECON1542 Module
Introduction to Management Accounting BACF1002 Module
Introduction to Marketing BABM1002 Module
Introduction to Microeconomics ECON1543 Module
Introduction to Politics POPP1102 Module
Introduction to Public Policy Making POPP1106 Module
Introduction to Work and Organisations HRMG1202 Module
Investigating a Business Issue from an HR Perspective HRMG5063 Module
Investigating Creative and Cultrl Indsts POPP5055 Module
Investment Valuation ACFI5037 Module
Investments and Portfolio Management ACFI3307 Module
Invstmnt Bankng, Digital Bankng & Gre Fi BMFB5004 Module
Issues In Criminal Justice LAWG2003 Module
Issues Relating to the Creation and Saving of Life LLMP5283 Module
Issues Relating to the Termination of Life LLMP5282 Module
IT, Social Media and the Law LLMP5358 Module
Key Skills for Intl Comms LCBS5043 Module
Knowing and Developing Yourself LBPG5034 Module
Knowing and Developing Yourself for Professional Success LCBS5028 Module
Knowing and Managing Yourself CORX1005 Module
Labour Law LLMP5252 Module
Land Law BLEX2108 Module
Land Law LLLB2002 Module
Land Law LLBP2205 Module
Law M10043 Programme
Law M10042 Programme
Law LAW500 Programme
Law M10051 Programme
Law M10048 Programme
Law M10050 Programme
Law (Study Abroad) M10000 Programme
Law and Criminal Justice M21141 Programme
Law and Economics L1M134 Programme
Law and Marketing M1N531 Programme
Law and Medicine LLBP3029 Module
Law and Psychology C8M131 Programme
Law and Religion BLEX2105 Module
Law and Religion LLBP2030 Module
Law and Religion LLLB2008 Module
Law of Contract LLBP1003 Module
Law of Environmental Crime LLMP5216 Module
Law of Evidence LLBP3021 Module
Law of Health and Safety LLMP5212 Module
Law of International Trade LLMP5256 Module
Law of Sale & Supply of Goods LLMP5266 Module
Law of Tort BLEX2106 Module
Law Of Tort LLBP2045 Module
Law, Human Rights and Social Justice M20041 Programme
Lawyering: Theory, Skills and Ethics LLBP3020 Module
Leadership & Change N60083 Programme
Leadership and Business Sustainability BMBA5001 Module
Leadership and Change Management BMIB5005 Module
Leadership and Culture in Organisational Contexts LCBS5003 Module
Leadership Practicum LCBS5050 Module
Leadership Practicum CORX5076 Module
Leadership: Principles and Practice HRMX2208 Module
Leading a Professional Service Organisation CORD5016 Module
Leading Change POPP5056 Module
Leading Change and Innovation CORP5075 Module
Leading Change in Organisations BHRM2004 Module
Leading for Innovation CORX5004 Module
Leading, Managing & Developing People HRMG5051 Module
Learning and Development HRMG3207 Module
Learning and Organisational Development BHRM2002 Module
Legal Practice M25096 Programme
Legal Practice Course M25098 Programme
Legal Practice Course M25097 Programme
Legal Practice Course M25093 Programme
Legal Practice Course M25092 Programme
Legal Practice Course M25094 Programme
Legal Practice Course M25095 Programme
Legal Practice Course M25091 Programme
Legal Research LGMP3008 Module
Level 4 Degree Apprenticeship Gateway CORX1543 Module
Level 5 Degree Apprenticeship Gateway CORX2554 Module
Level 6 Degree Apprenticeship Gateway CORX3552 Module
Liquidity and Financial Risk Management ACFI3422 Module
Litigation LGMP5043 Module
Litigation LGMP5023 Module
LLB M10041 Programme
LLB Business Law M22141 Programme
LLM M20075 Programme
LLM M20073 Programme
LLM Business Law M20082 Programme
LLM Employment Law and Practice M20077 Programme
LLM Environmental Law and Practice M20078 Programme
LLM Food Law M20080 Programme
LLM International Business Law M20085 Programme
LLM International Human Rights M20081 Programme
LLM Law M20083 Programme
LLM Legal Practice Course M25099 Programme
LLM Legal Practice Course M25070 Programme
LLM Medical Law and Ethics M20084 Programme
LLM Sports Law and Practice M20079 Programme
Macroeconomic Analysis & Policy BBEC2001 Module
Macroeconomic Policy & the Property Industry CORD5003 Module
Macroeconomics for Business BBEC1003 Module
Macroeconomics in a Global Context BMEC5001 Module
Macroeconomics in a Global Context ECON5001 Module
Management N20022 Programme
Management N20050 Programme
Management N20086 Programme
Management N20082 Programme
Management N20051 Programme
Management N20083 Programme
Management N20072 Programme
Management N20084 Programme
Management N20085 Programme
Management N20081 Programme
Management N20054 Programme
Management Accounting BACB1004 Module
Management Accounting ACFI1320 Module
Management of Innovation POPP5045 Module
Management Principles and Practice CORX2002 Module
Management Studies N20079 Programme
Management Studies N20080 Programme
Managerial Development and Control BLEX3004 Module
Managerial Development and Control ACFI3213 Module
Managerial Economics ECON5007 Module
Managing Across International Borders CORP5074 Module
Managing Advertising & Communications MARK5055 Module
Managing and Developing Others CORX1001 Module
Managing Change and Innovation CORP3545 Module
Managing Employee Relations BHRM2003 Module
Managing Employment Relations HRMG5057 Module
Managing Employment Relations BMHR5002 Module
Managing Equality and Diversity HRMG3202 Module
Managing Health And Social Care L51072 Programme
Managing Health and Social Care L51071 Programme
Managing Operations and Projects CORX2552 Module
Managing Organisational Change HRMG5027 Module
Managing Organisational Change CORD5021 Module
Managing Organisations and People HRMX1204 Module
Managing Project and Consulting Live BENI2004 Module
Managing Projects for Success BMPM5001 Module
Managing Risk ACFX5000 Module
Managing Risk CORD5029 Module
Managing Risk ACFX5087 Module
Managing Service Operations, People and Resources CORD3005 Module
Managing Smart Cities LCBS5056 Module
Managing the Client Experience & Expectations CORD5002 Module
Managing the Client Experience & Expectations CORP5061 Module
Managing the Environment BLEX3016 Module
Mark. Principles for Entrepreneurship BENI1003 Module
Marketing N50041 Programme
Marketing (Study Abroad) N50000 Programme
Marketing Analysis and Strategy MARK3015 Module
Marketing and Media N5P331 Programme
Marketing and Psychology C8N531 Programme
Marketing Consultancy Project BMAP5006 Module
Marketing Decision Making MARK1600 Module
Marketing Dissertation MARK3008 Module
Marketing Essentials BAMC1001 Module
Marketing Essentials MARK1800 Module
Marketing for International Business BAIB1004 Module
Marketing in a Digital World BAMC1003 Module
Marketing in Action BMKT1004 Module
Marketing Management N2N571 Programme
Marketing Management Simulation MARK5086 Module
Marketing Practice & Industry Insights BBMK2003 Module
Marketing Research MARK2302 Module
Marketing Research in Practice MARK5072 Module
Marketing Theory & Practice MARK5000 Module
Marketing: Theory & Practice BBMK1002 Module
Mastering Your Career LCBS5063 Module
Mathematics for Finance ACFI1303 Module
Maths & Statistics for Econ & Finance BECS1002 Module
Maths & Stats for Fin. Decision Making BFIN1002 Module
MBA N10074 Programme
MBA N10073 Programme
MBA (Housing) N1K571 Programme
MBA (Lawyers) N1M171 Programme
MBA Finance N1N372 Programme
MBA for Engineers N1H171 Programme
Measuring Organisational Performance ACFI5030 Module
Media Ethics LLMP5361 Module
Medical Negligence LLMP5286 Module
Medical Negligence LMML5001 Module
Medical Research LLMP5288 Module
Mega-Events: Global Sport in Perspective LCBS5046 Module
Mental Health Law LLMP5284 Module
Mental Health, Consent & Incapacitated P LMML5002 Module
Microecon: Ethics, Policy and Practice BBEC2002 Module
Microeconomics and Digital Markets BMEC5002 Module
Microeconomics and Game Theory BECS2001 Module
MSc Business Economics and Analytics L10071 Programme
MSc Business Economics and Analytics L10072 Programme
MSc Housing Studies K45076 Programme
Multinat. Enterprise in the Global Econ. BAIB2001 Module
Negotiated Study LLMP5267 Module
Negotiated Study LLMP5316 Module
New Directions in Economics ECON2548 Module
Noise Pollution Law LLMP5218 Module
Obligations 1 - Contract LGMP3001 Module
Obligations II - Tort LGMP3002 Module
Open Economy Macroeconomics ECON3535 Module
Operations & Service Quality Management CORP5077 Module
Operations and Supply Chain Management BMIB5003 Module
Organisational Behaviour BHRM1003 Module
Organisational Behaviour HRMG2202 Module
Organisational Coaching HRMX5002 Module
Organisational Development and Consulting HRMG3206 Module
Organisational Management CORP2544 Module
Organisational Project Management BMPM5003 Module
Organisiationl Coaching LCBS5062 Module
Patient Safety, Quality and Professional Regulation in Healt LLMP5287 Module
Penology LLBP3014 Module
People Management HRMG2205 Module
People Management Within Organisations LLMP5278 Module
People Management: L, D & A BMHR5001 Module
People, Management and Organization HRMG5064 Module
Performance Management ACFI3442 Module
Performance Measurement and Management ACFX5088 Module
Performance Measurement and Management ACFX5001 Module
Performance Measurement and Management CORD5032 Module
Performance Measurement in Organisations ACFI2208 Module
Performance Measurement in Organisations BLEX2001 Module
Person Tutor & Enhancmt: Global Leadersh XBAL3017 Module
Personal and Academic Development CORX1542 Module
Personal Injury & Clinical Negligence LGMP5047 Module
Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence LGMP5027 Module
Personal Insolvency LLMP5277 Module
Personal Tutoring amd Enhancement Activities - Enterprise XBAL1008 Module
Personal Tutoring and Enhancement Activities XBAL1011 Module
Personal Tutoring and Enhancement Activities XBAL2014 Module
Personal Tutoring and Enhancement Activities XBAL3009 Module
Personal Tutoring and Enhancement Activities - Acc & Fin XBAL2001 Module
Personal Tutoring and Enhancement Activities - Acc & Fin XBAL1001 Module
Personal Tutoring and Enhancement Activities - Daly XBAL3014 Module
Personal Tutoring and Enhancement Activities - Economics XBAL3007 Module
Personal Tutoring and Enhancement Activities - Economics XBAL2007 Module
Personal Tutoring and Enhancement Activities - Economics XBAL1007 Module
Personal Tutoring and Enhancement Activities - Enterprise XBAL2008 Module
Personal Tutoring and Enhancement Activities - Enterprise XBAL3008 Module
Personal Tutoring and Enhancement Activities - Finance XBAL3002 Module
Personal Tutoring and Enhancement Activities - Finance XBAL2002 Module
Personal Tutoring and Enhancement Activities - Finance XBAL1002 Module
Personal Tutoring and Enhancement Activities - HRM XBAL3004 Module
Personal Tutoring and Enhancement Activities - HRM XBAL2004 Module
Personal Tutoring and Enhancement Activities - HRM XBAL1004 Module
Personal Tutoring and Enhancement Activities - Joint Account XBAL3003 Module
Personal Tutoring and Enhancement Activities - Joint Account XBAL1003 Module
Personal Tutoring and Enhancement Activities - Joint Account XBAL2003 Module
Personal Tutoring and Enhancement Activities - Law XBAL2005 Module
Personal Tutoring and Enhancement Activities - Law XBAL1005 Module
Personal Tutoring and Enhancement Activities - Law XBAL3005 Module
Personal Tutoring and Enhancement Activities - POPP XBAL3006 Module
Personal Tutoring and Enhancement Activities - POPP XBAL1006 Module
Personal Tutoring and Enhancement Activities - POPP XBAL2006 Module
Personal Tutoring and Enhancement Activities - SQA Business XBAL3012 Module
Personal Tutoring and Enhancement Activities - SQA other XBAL3013 Module
Personal Tutoring and Enhancement Activities-Exchange Busine XBAL3015 Module
Personal Tutoring and Enhancement Activities-Liaoning XBAL3011 Module
Personal Tutoring and Enhancement Activities-Liaoning XBAL2011 Module
Personal Tutoring and Enhancement Activities-Marketing XBAL1009 Module
Personal Tutoring and Enhancement Activities-Marketing XBAL2009 Module
Personal Tutoring and Enhancement Activities-Strat Man XBAL1010 Module
Personal Tutoring and Enhancement Activities-Strat Man XBAL2010 Module
Personal Tutoring and Enhancement Activities-Strat Man XBAL3010 Module
Personal Tutoring Enhancement Activities - Acc & Fin XBAL3001 Module
Perspectives on Creative Leadership ENTE3522 Module
PG Cert Leadership N20057 Programme
Philosophy of Health Care LLMP5289 Module
Planning Law LLMP5202 Module
Police Powers and Public Order BLEX2101 Module
Police Powers and Public Order LLBP2005 Module
Police Powers and Public Order LLLB2007 Module
Policy into Practice POPP5060 Module
Political Economy ECON3539 Module
Political Research in Action POPP2513 Module
Political Thought BLEX2006 Module
Political Thought POPP2001 Module
Politics L20073 Programme
Politics L20072 Programme
Politics L20041 Programme
Politics and Government (Study Abroad) L20000 Programme
Politics and International Relations SSC501 Programme
Politics in Action POPP2515 Module
Politics in Business POPP1405 Module
Politics of Identity and Space: Negotiating Conflict POPP5032 Module
Portfolio Management ACFI5077 Module
Post-Cold War World Order POPP5021 Module
Postgraduate Certificate in Professional Coaching N61273 Programme
Power, Politics and Morality BLEX3015 Module
Practice Perspectives on Sports Law LLMP5299 Module
Principles & Practice of Risk Management BMRM5001 Module
Principles in Contemporary Management CORP2166 Module
Principles of Business Finance ACFI5084 Module
Principles of Marketing BMKT1002 Module
Principles of Marketing MARK1502 Module
Principles of Marketing MARK1503 Module
Principles of Marketing MARK1500 Module
Private Client LGMP5054 Module
Private Client LGMP5034 Module
Private Client LGMP5014 Module
Private International Law LLMP5257 Module
Private International Law LLMP5315 Module
Private Law of Consumer Protection LLBP2047 Module
Professional Accountancy ACCA N41091 Programme
Professional and Personal Impact CORX2001 Module
Professional and Personal Practice CORX5003 Module
Professional Coaching N61272 Programme
Professional Coaching N61271 Programme
Professional Conduct & Regulation LGMP5045 Module
Professional Conduct and Regulations LGMP5005 Module
Professional Development of HRM BHRM1002 Module
Professional Ethics CORD5026 Module
Professional Field Experience LCBS5059 Module
Professional Practice CORD5006 Module
Professional Skills ACFI1421 Module
Progressive Franchising BLEX2003 Module
Progressive Franchising CORP2516 Module
Project HRMG3005 Module
Project LLBP3031 Module
Project and Assessed Coursework LGMP3009 Module
Project Management POPP5013 Module
Project Management N21371 Programme
Project Management N21372 Programme
Project Management POPP5052 Module
Project Management & Property Industry CORD5009 Module
Project Management Case Study Analysis POPP5036 Module
Project Management Dissertation BMPM5005 Module
Project Management Futures BMPM5004 Module
Project Management Skills POPP5037 Module
Property Law & Administration of Estates LMSQ5002 Module
Property Law and Practice LGMP5041 Module
Property Law and Practice LGMP5021 Module
Property Law and Practice LGMP5001 Module
Property Management & Investment N20078 Programme
Property Market Analysis CORD5000 Module
Protection of Refugees in International Law LLMP5323 Module
Public Administration and Management L23141 Programme
Public Administration and Management L23150 Programme
Public Administration and Management L23147 Programme
Public Administration and Management L23146 Programme
Public Finance N40076 Programme
Public Law of Consumer Protection LLBP2048 Module
Public Policy BS501 Programme
Public Procurement LLMP5317 Module
Public Relations BAMC2004 Module
Public Services & The Customer (Housing Insight) BEHS5929 Module
Quant Methods ECON2544 Module
Quant Methods for Business Economics BBEC1002 Module
Quantitative Techniques ACFI1901 Module
Regulatory and Ethical Decision Making BACF1004 Module
Regulatory, Ethical & Sustainable Communications BAMC1004 Module
Relationship Management MARX5084 Module
Relationship Management CORD5034 Module
Relationship Management MARX5000 Module
Representing the Athlete/Player LLMP5296 Module
Research Dissertation in HRM BMHR5005 Module
Research Methodology LBPG5018 Module
Research Methodology PLAW5610 Module
Research Methods LLMP5312 Module
Research Methods PLAW5611 Module
Research Methods ACFI5070 Module
Research Methods & Dissertation HRMG5060 Module
Research Methods & Dissertation CORD5024 Module
Research Methods (Property Management & Investment) CORD5007 Module
Research Methods for Marketers MARK5069 Module
Research Methods Training Programme: Business and Law REST7012 Module
Research Paradigms and Philosophies DBA0002 Module
Resolving Individual Disputes Within The Workplace HRMG2204 Module
Responsible Project Management BMPM5002 Module
Retail Management N50043 Programme
Retail Marketing MARK3005 Module
Reward and Performance Management BHRM2005 Module
Reward Management HRMG2206 Module
Risk Management ACFI2306 Module
Risk Management ACFI5018 Module
Risk Management N29073 Programme
Risk Management N29071 Programme
Risk Management & Financial Institutions BMFB5002 Module
Risk Management Part 1 CORD5014 Module
Risk Management Part 1 ACFI5065 Module
Risk Management Part 2 CORD5015 Module
Risk Management Part 2 ACFI5066 Module
Senior Leaders Research Methods and Work CORX5081 Module
Senior Leaders Research Methods and Work CORD5036 Module
Sentencing and Punishment LMCP5004 Module
Service Operations Management CORP3171 Module
Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation ENTX5007 Module
Social innovation and entrepreneurship ENTE3534 Module
Social Justice LLBP3002 Module
Social Justice in Human Rights LLMP5305 Module
Social Media Marketing MARK3028 Module
Social Media Strategy MARK5078 Module
Solicitors Accs-Wills & Admin of Estates LGMP5040 Module
Solicitors Accs-Wills and Admin of Estat LGMP5020 Module
Solicitors Development Programme LGMP5044 Module
Solicitors Development Programme LGMP5024 Module
Solicitors Development Programme LGMP5004 Module
Sport & Media LGMP5033 Module
Sport & Media LGMP5053 Module
Sport and Ethics (Advanced) LLMP5293 Module
Sport and Media Law LGMP5013 Module
Sport Broadcasting and New Media LLMP5294 Module
Sport Fieldwork Experience LCBS5065 Module
Sport Industry Career Preparation POPP5054 Module
Sports Governance LLMP5295 Module
Sports Heritage and Legacy Management LCBS5047 Module
Sports Law LLBP3044 Module
Sports Law M20074 Programme
Statistics and Probability Theory for Finance ACFI1304 Module
Strategic and Digital Marketing N50074 Programme
Strategic and Financial Decision-making ACFI5022 Module
Strategic and Financial Decision-Making BMIF5001 Module
Strategic Brand Management BMDM5002 Module
Strategic Brand Management BMMM5002 Module
Strategic Corporate Reporting ACFI5402 Module
Strategic Customer Engagement MARK5053 Module
Strategic E-Marketing MARK5074 Module
Strategic Management CORD5025 Module
Strategic Management CORX3549 Module
Strategic Management LCBS5001 Module
Strategic Management CORD3003 Module
Strategic Management 1 CORP5054 Module
Strategic Management 2 CORP5055 Module
Strategic Management, Principles & Practice CORP3511 Module
Strategic Marketing MARK5080 Module
Strategy and Management Dissertation CORP3400 Module
Strategy in Turbulent Times LCBS5052 Module
Strategy in Turbulent Times CORX5082 Module
Study Abroad Programme (Business and Law) Z40043 Programme
Substantive Criminal Law LMCP5003 Module
Substantive Law of the European Union BLEX2104 Module
Substantive Law of the European Union LLBP2019 Module
Sustainability and Human Rights LMSH5001 Module
Sustainability Marketing MARK2333 Module
Sustainable Aviation BMAT5004 Module
Sustainable Banking, Finance & Develop ACFI5082 Module
Sustainable Business N10082 Programme
Sustainable Business N10076 Programme
Sustainable Business N10081 Programme
Taxation ACFI3440 Module
The Brand Portfolio MARK3027 Module
The Business & Economics of Air Transport BMAT5001 Module
The Business of Air Transport POPP5047 Module
The Business of the Performing Arts LCBS5025 Module
The Consumer Futures BMAP5002 Module
The Creative Art of Selling & Negotiation ENTE2535 Module
The Creative Industries Company LCBS5049 Module
The Digital and Social Media Context of Business MARK1700 Module
The European Convention on Human Rights LLMP5303 Module
The History of Business and Economics BBEC1004 Module
The Making of a Global World POPP2409 Module
The Making of a Global World BLEX2011 Module
The Politics of the European Union BLEX2007 Module
The Politics of the European Union POPP2003 Module
The Professional Researcher (1) LLBP2073 Module
The Sports Participant and the Courts LLMP5298 Module
Themes and Debates in International Relations Theory BLEX2008 Module
Theories and Policies LMEL5001 Module
Theories of Housing BEHS5924 Module
Theory and Practice of International Relations POPP5027 Module
Top-Up Preparation in Business (2 Terms) N10030 Programme
Tort Law LLLB2001 Module
Tourism and Events Management N80042 Programme
UCPD in Management N20056 Programme
Understanding Business CORP1502 Module
Understanding Comms in Globalised World LCBS5041 Module
Unity and Diversity in Contemporary America BLEX2009 Module
Unity and Diversity in Contemporary America POPP2005 Module
Visiting Business/Law Researcher R49999 Programme
Waste Management Law in Practice LLMP5328 Module
Water Pollution Law LLMP5208 Module
Work Based Chartered Management CORX3551 Module
Work Based Management Project BABM2006 Module
Work Based Management Project CORD3551 Module
Work Based Portfolio CORP3016 Module
Work Based Proposal CORX3550 Module
Workforce Planning CORD5030 Module
Workforce Planning HRMX5065 Module
Workforce Planning HRMX5003 Module
Working Capital Management ACFI2305 Module
Yr Prog. Comm & Enhan. Activ: Accounting XBAL3020 Module
Yr Prog. Comm & Enhan. Activ: Fin & Inv XBAL2012 Module
Yr Prog. Comm & Enhan. Activ: Fin & Inve XBAL3018 Module

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