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2D Animation 2 (Traditional and Experimental) ANIM2005 Module
3D Foundations TECH1107 Module
3D Modelling IMAT2907 Module
3D Modelling & Shaders GAMR2511 Module
3D Modelling and Animation TECH2007 Module
3D Modelling and Animation VIFX1003 Module
3D Pipeline Fundamentals GAMR2512 Module
Abstract Algebra I IMAT2221 Module
Abstract Algebra II IMAT2222 Module
Academic Fundamentals MATT1021 Module
Academic Study Skills ENGZ0008 Module
Acoustics Applications MATD3004 Module
Acoustics Fundamentals MATD2014 Module
Acting  ANIM2203 Module
Adv CAE and finite element analysis ENGT5151 Module
Adv Practical Investigative Journalism INJP5301 Module
Adv Research Topics in Cyber Tech CTEC5824 Module
Adv Techniques and Ideas in Sonic Art MUSM5201 Module
Advanced 3D Modelling IMAT2104 Module
Advanced 3D Workflow and Design IMAT3011 Module
Advanced Aircraft ENGP5304 Module
Advanced CAE & FEA ENGD5151 Module
Advanced Creative Projects MUST3021 Module
Advanced Data Analytics IMAT2915 Module
Advanced Data Analytics IMAT2712 Module
Advanced Databases and Big Data IMAT2019 Module
Advanced Databases Management IMAT3010 Module
Advanced Digital Design ENGD3001 Module
Advanced Digital Signal Processing Music MATD3009 Module
Advanced Embedded System ENGD3051 Module
Advanced Engineering Mathematics ENGD2014 Module
Advanced Flight Dynamics ENGA5101 Module
Advanced Flight Dynamics ENGT5271 Module
Advanced Forensics and Incident Response CTEC5305 Module
Advanced Game Engines IMAT3001 Module
Advanced Materials ENGP5202 Module
Advanced Mechanical Engineering ENGP5301 Module
Advanced Motorsport Engineering H33071 Programme
Advanced Musical Computing TECH3518 Module
Advanced Musical Electronics MATD3039 Module
Advanced Object Oriented Programming IMAT2906 Module
Advanced Power Electronics and Applicati ENGD3108 Module
Advanced Power Systems and Green Technology ENGD3040 Module
Advanced Practical Investigative Journalism JOUR5104 Module
Advanced Programming CTEC2902 Module
Advanced Quantitative Methods Workshop:Intelligent Systems DTP TECH REST7836 Module
Advanced Requirements Engineering and Software Architecture CTEC5711 Module
Advanced Research Topics in Cyber Technology CTEC5724 Module
Advanced Shader Programming IMAT3907 Module
Advanced Social Media Production TECH3022 Module
Advanced Solid Mechanics ENGD5258 Module
Advanced Solid Mechanics ENGT5258 Module
Advanced Statistics for Business IMAT3908 Module
Advanced Statistics for Business CTEC3309 Module
Advanced Television Production TECH3008 Module
Advanced Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer ENGT5141 Module
Advanced Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer ENGD5141 Module
Advanced Topics In Forensic Computing (CPD) CTEC5404 Module
Advanced Topics in Forensic Computing (Extension) CTEC5504 Module
Advanced Topics in Forensics and Security CTEC5264 Module
Advanced Web Technologies and Applications CTEC5727 Module
Aeronautical Engineering H41041 Programme
Aeronautical Engineering H41042 Programme
Aesthetics and Ideas in the Sonic Arts MUST5001 Module
Agile Development Team Project CTEC2713 Module
Agile Methods & Development CTEC2311 Module
Agile Methods and Development IMAT2603 Module
Agile Project Management CTEC5725 Module
Agile Project Management IMAT2016 Module
Agile Team Development IMAT2207 Module
AI for Mobile Robots CSIP5202 Module
Aircraft Design Principles ENGA1050 Module
Aircraft Handling Qualities and Control ENGA5102 Module
Aircraft Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul ENGT5272 Module
Aircraft Propulsion ENGA3002 Module
Aircraft Structures and Materials ENGA2001 Module
Algorithmic Music MATD3019 Module
Alternative Operating System Forensics CTEC5408 Module
Alternative Operating System Forensics (Extension) CTEC5508 Module
Analytics and Business Modelling IMAT2922 Module
Analytics Programming IMAT5168 Module
Animation W60042 Programme
Animation (VFX) W61442 Programme
Animation 1 ANIM1001 Module
Animation Principles ANIM1102 Module
Application Architecture IMAT3914 Module
Applied Artificial Intelligence IMAT2722 Module
Applied Computational Intelligence IMAT5234 Module
Applied Electronics ENGD2001 Module
Applied Forensics - Malware Investigations CTEC5304 Module
Applied Graphic studies GRDN2202 Module
Applied Ideation GRDN1020 Module
Applied Ideation GDIL1020 Module
Applied Illustration Studies ILLU2202 Module
Applied Maths IMAT2206 Module
Applied Mechanics IMAT2903 Module
Applied Mechanics & Progressive Game GAMR2531 Module
Applied Professional Practice Studies GRDN3303 Module
Artificial Intelligence IMAT3915 Module
Artificial Intelligence for Cyber Security CTEC5603 Module
Artificial Intelligence for Music MATD3099 Module
Artificial Intelligence for Simulation IMAT2904 Module
Artificial Intelligence with Robotics G70041 Programme
Artificial Neural Networks IMAT5235 Module
Arts and Entertainment Journalism JOUR3012 Module
Arts and Entertainment Journalism JOUR3506 Module
Audiences and Fandom FILM3409 Module
Audio and Recording Technology J93044 Programme
Audio And Recording Technology J93041 Programme
Audio Capture and Processing TECH1008 Module
Audio Electronics Fundamentals MATD1019 Module
Audio Engineering Fundamentals MATA1019 Module
Audio For Games IMAT3004 Module
Audio Mastering and Application MATA3026 Module
Audio Platforms and Audiences FOUN1004 Module
Audio Recording & Production: Film & TV MATA3016 Module
Audio Recording Techniques TECH2035 Module
Audio Synthesis Technology 2 TECH2604 Module
Audio Technology 2 TECH2019 Module
AV Production TECH3018 Module
Beyond News JOUR2603 Module
Big Data Analytics IMAT5322 Module
Big Data and Business Models IMAT3614 Module
Big Data and Machine Learning CTEC2921 Module
Big Data Applications CSIP5203 Module
Binary Analysis of Microsoft Office Documents (CPD) CTEC5407 Module
Binary Analysis of Microsoft Office Documents (Extension) CTEC5507 Module
Bioengineering ENGD3115 Module
Broadcast Journalism JOUR3008 Module
Broadcast Journalism P50043 Programme
Broadcast Systems Technology TECH2048 Module
Building IESD501 Programme
Building Performance Modelling ENGT5261 Module
Building Physics ENGT5146 Module
Building Services Engineering (Top-up) H2K241 Programme
Built Environment Advanced Modelling ENGP5401 Module
Business Analysis and Modelling CSIP5101 Module
Business Continuity Management CTEC5812 Module
Business Informatics (HP) G50051 Programme
Business Information Systems G50043 Programme
Business Infrastructure and Security CSEC1004 Module
Business Intelligence IMAT2723 Module
Business Intelligence IMAT2214 Module
Business Intelligence IMAT3008 Module
Business Intelligence Systems & Data Mining G50077 Programme
Business Intelligence Systems Applications & Development IMAT5264 Module
Business Intelligence Systems' concepts and methods IMAT5166 Module
Business Management IMAT2023 Module
Business Systems Solutions IMAT3911 Module
Business Technology IMAT1214 Module
C Programming I CTEC1910 Module
C Programming II CTEC1911 Module
C++ Fundamentals GAMR1540 Module
CAE and Programming ENGD1109 Module
Calculus I IMAT1223 Module
Calculus II IMAT1225 Module
CFD and Advanced Flight Dynamics ENGP5402 Module
Challenging Power & Misinformation JOUR2504 Module
Character Animation and Motion Capture VIFX2002 Module
Character Building COCO2004 Module
Commercial Content Production PROD1004 Module
Communication Arts P31044 Programme
Communication Networks 1 ENGD3103 Module
Communication Networks 2 ENGD3104 Module
Communication Practice 1 TECH1501 Module
Communication Practice 2 TECH2502 Module
Communication Systems ENGD1009 Module
Communication, Cultural and Media Studies ART505 Programme
Communications CTEC1203 Module
Communications Engineering H64071 Programme
Communications Systems, Security and Computing G40015 Programme
Community Arts MATT3002 Module
Community Media Leadership TECH3501 Module
Community Media Production TECH2503 Module
Composing with Dance MUST3026 Module
Composing with Dance MATT3033 Module
Composing With Tech 1: Tools & Technique MATC1003 Module
Composing with Technology MUST2008 Module
Composing with Technology MUST2208 Module
Composing With Technology 2 MATC2003 Module
Composite Materials ENGT5152 Module
Composite Materials ENGD5152 Module
Compositing and Matte Painting VIFX2003 Module
Computational Aerodynamics - 1 ENGA3004 Module
Computational Aerodynamics - 2 ENGA5103 Module
Computational Fluid Dynamics ENGT5153 Module
Computational Fluid Dynamics ENGD5153 Module
Computational Intelligence and Computer IMAT2720 Module
Computational Intelligence Optimisation IMAT5232 Module
Computer Ethics CTEC1308 Module
Computer Ethics CTEC1904 Module
Computer Ethics and Privacy IMAT3611 Module
Computer Games Programming G62041 Programme
Computer Games Programming G62071 Programme
Computer Law & Cyber Security CTEC1303 Module
Computer Law and Cyber Security CTEC1905 Module
Computer Music Software Systems TECH2006 Module
Computer Networks CTEC1310 Module
Computer Networks CTEC1907 Module
Computer Networks (CN) CNAS1004 Module
Computer Programming CTEC1703 Module
Computer Programming 1 CTEC1301 Module
Computer Programming 2 CTEC1302 Module
Computer Programming I CTEC1902 Module
Computer Programming II CTEC1903 Module
Computer Science COM502 Programme
Computer Science G40051 Programme
Computer Security G49074 Programme
Computer Security G40064 Programme
Computer Security G40057 Programme
Computer Security G40054 Programme
Computer Systems CTEC1906 Module
Computer Systems CTEC1309 Module
Computer Systems and Networks IMAT5122 Module
Computing G40073 Programme
Computing G40058 Programme
Computing G40055 Programme
Computing G40056 Programme
Computing for Business G50050 Programme
Computing Induction Unit IMAT5100 Module
Computing Project IMAT3451 Module
Computing Skills and Research CTEC0704 Module
Concept Art COCO1003 Module
Concurrent and Parallel Algorithms CTEC2910 Module
Contemporary British Cinema FILM2502 Module
Content Creation and Management Online FOUN1005 Module
Contextual Practice of Music and Technology MUST5002 Module
Contextual Studies 1 CACA1002 Module
Contextual Studies 2 CACA2002 Module
Contextual Theory of Music and Technology MUST5003 Module
Control ENGD3113 Module
Control and Instrumentation ENGT5145 Module
Control and Instrumentation ENGD5145 Module
Core Concepts in Media and Communication MEDS1403 Module
Court Reporting JOUR2506 Module
Craft Skills Consolidation DESC3007 Module
Creative & Professional Work: Presentation & Promotion MTEC2001 Module
Creative Coding for Music MUST2004 Module
Creative Coding for Musicians MATC2009 Module
Creative Competition Projects GRDN3302 Module
Creative Computing and Technology CTEC0702 Module
Creative Enterprise PROD2004 Module
Creative Image Production TECH3025 Module
Creative Media Entrepreneurship TECH3026 Module
Creative Portfolio MUST5004 Module
Creative Portfolio FOUN1006 Module
Creative Portfolio with Short Diss. MUSM5502 Module
Creative Portfolio with Short Dissertation MUST5005 Module
Creative Resolution GDIL1040 Module
Creative Resolution GRDN1040 Module
Creative Sound Technology J93012 Programme
Creative Technologies IOCT5013 Module
Creative Technologies J99071 Programme
Creative Writing And Journalism W8P531 Programme
Creative Writing and New Media IOCT5005 Module
Creativity and Innovation NM006-3-2 Module
Critical Listening and Audio Analysis MATA3006 Module
Critical Perspectives on Journalism JOUR2005 Module
Critical Systems CTEC5722 Module
Cryptography CTEC2915 Module
CSTP End Point Assessment CTEC3318 Module
Cult Film FILM3401 Module
Current Issues for Practitioners CTEC5405 Module
Current Issues for Practitioners (Extension) CTEC5505 Module
Cyber Engineering CTEC5805 Module
Cyber Engineering CTEC5895 Module
Cyber Security I10078 Programme
Cyber Security and Software Technology REST7832 Module
Cyber Security Technical Professional I10066 Programme
Cyber Technology I10079 Programme
Cyber Threat Intel & Incident Response CTEC2913 Module
Cyber Threat Intelligence CTEC5892 Module
Cyber Threat Intelligence CTEC5802 Module
Cyber Threat Intelligence and Incident Response CTEC2308 Module
Data Analytics I20071 Programme
Data Analytics 1 IMAT2018 Module
Data Analytics and Statistics IMAT1703 Module
Data Analytics and Statistics 1 IMAT1412 Module
Data Analytics and Statistics 2 IMAT1414 Module
Data Analytics for Sustain Energy System ENGP5205 Module
Data Analytics in Python IMAT2021 Module
Data Analytics Induction IMAT5102 Module
Data Analytics Induction Unit CSIP5001 Module
Data Analytics Induction Unit IMAT5110 Module
Data Analytics Infrastructure CSIP5102 Module
Data Management CTEC2310 Module
Data Management IMAT2402 Module
Data management and cyber security CTEC5510 Module
Data Mining IMAT3693 Module
Data Mining IMAT3613 Module
Data Mining CTEC3302 Module
Data Mining Techniques and Applications CSIP5302 Module
Data Mining, Techniques and Applications IMAT5238 Module
Data Science with Python IMAT3006 Module
Data Structures and Algorithms CTEC2711 Module
Data Structures and Algorithms CTEC2306 Module
Data Structures and Algorithms CTEC2909 Module
Data Visualisation IMAT2020 Module
Data Visualisation IMAT2913 Module
Data Warehouse Design and OLAP IMAT5167 Module
Database Design IMAT1915 Module
Database Design IMAT2428 Module
Database Design IMAT1404 Module
Database Design IMAT1415 Module
Database Design & Implementation CTEC1307 Module
Database Design and Implementation CTEC1909 Module
Database Design and Implementation CTEC1701 Module
Database Management and Programming IMAT3104 Module
Database Management and Reporting IMAT1215 Module
Database Systems & Design IMAT5103 Module
Des Comm for Graphic Design and Ill GDIL2030 Module
Des Pro Prog for Graphic Design & Ill GDIL2020 Module
Design and Technology ENGZ0006 Module
Design Communication for Graphic Design GRDN2030 Module
Design for 3D Printing ENGD3120 Module
Design Process for Graphic Design GRDN2010 Module
Design Process for Graphic Design & Ill GDIL2010 Module
Design Process Progression for GD GRDN2020 Module
Design Thinking COCO1002 Module
Developing and Selling Ideas INFP5101 Module
Development Project CTEC3451 Module
Devices and Networks CTEC1304 Module
Devices and Networks IMAT1209 Module
Digital and Technology Solutions I10065 Programme
Digital Art Practice 1 GAME1005 Module
Digital Art Practice 2 GAME2005 Module
Digital Arts Practice IOCT5012 Module
Digital Arts Practice IOCT5018 Module
Digital Audio Electronics: Sensors & Int MATD2029 Module
Digital Commerce CSIP5303 Module
Digital Creativity: Seqncing & Ctrl sys MATD1046 Module
Digital Cultures MEDS2301 Module
Digital Forensics Principles & Practice CTEC5896 Module
Digital Forensics Principles and Practice CTEC5806 Module
Digital Forensics: Fundamentals CTEC5816 Module
Digital Investigations CTEC3423 Module
Digital Manufacturing ENGT5155 Module
Digital Manufacturing ENGD5155 Module
Digital Music Technology J93045 Programme
Digital News Production JOUR1604 Module
Digital Signal Processing ENGD5111 Module
Digital Signal Processing ENGT5111 Module
Digital Society TECH1506 Module
Digital Transformation CSIP5301 Module
Disney FILM2403 Module
Dissertation MUST3000 Module
Dissertation INFP5502 Module
Dissertation ENGT5304 Module
Dissertation ISMA5007 Module
Documentary FILM3408 Module
Documenting Media TECH1505 Module
DSP and Control ENGP5302 Module
Dynamics and Control ENGD3038 Module
e-Commerce Computing CTEC0703 Module
E-Commerce Software IMAT5210 Module
E-Commerce Systems IMAT5211 Module
Earth Sciences COM503 Programme
Education Studies and Media P3X131 Programme
Elec. magnetic compat & Embedd Sys. ENGP5403 Module
Electrical & Electronic Principles 1 ENGD1103 Module
Electrical & Electronic Principles 2 ENGD1104 Module
Electrical and Electronic Engineering H61046 Programme
Electrical and Electronic Engineering H61044 Programme
Electrical and Electronic Engineering ENG501 Programme
Electrical and Electronic Engineering H61045 Programme
Electrical Transmission and Distribution I ENGD3045 Module
Electrical Transmission and Distribution II ENGD3046 Module
Electromagnetic Compatibility ENGD5254 Module
Electromagnetic Compatibility ENGT5254 Module
Electromagnetics ENGD2009 Module
Electromechanics ENGT5101 Module
Electronic and mechanical principles ENGZ0012 Module
Electronic Circuits and Devices ENGE1013 Module
Electronic Circuits and Systems ENGD1026 Module
Electronic Circuits and Systems ENGE1014 Module
Electronic Engineering H61000 Programme
Electronic Engineering H61043 Programme
Electronic Engineering H60071 Programme
Electronic Engineering Applications ENGZ0004 Module
Electronic Instruments TECH2047 Module
Electronics CAE & Programme Fundamentals ENGD1025 Module
Embedded Design for Internet of Things ENGD2104 Module
Embedded Systems ENGT5259 Module
Embedded Systems CTEC2314 Module
Embedded Systems ENGD5259 Module
Embedded Systems & System Integration ENGP5409 Module
Embedded Systems Fundamentals ENGD2103 Module
Emerging Materials and Processes ENGD3114 Module
Emerging Topics in Cyber Security CTEC3308 Module
Emerging Topics in Security CTEC3753 Module
Endpoint Security CSEC1002 Module
Energy Analysis Techniques ENGT5218 Module
Energy and Industrial Sustainability H22172 Programme
Energy and Sustainability Management F75050 Programme
Energy And Sustainable Building Design H2K171 Programme
Energy and Sustainable Development F85071 Programme
Energy and Sustainable Development ENG503 Programme
Energy and Thermal Performance ENGT5232 Module
Energy Conversion & Storage Systems ENGD3121 Module
Energy Economics ENGD3041 Module
Energy Engineering J91042 Programme
Energy Engineering H10051 Programme
Energy for Transport Applications ENGD2109 Module
Eng Business Environ & Research Methods ENGP5101 Module
Engineering H10049 Programme
Engineering and academic skills ENGZ0011 Module
Engineering and industrial Mathematics ENG500 Programme
Engineering and Sustainable Development DTP REST7835 Module
Engineering Business Environment ENGT5219 Module
Engineering Data Analysis ENGZ0014 Module
Engineering design ENGZ0013 Module
Engineering DTP REST7834 Module
Engineering Management H1N171 Programme
Engineering Mathematics ENGD1101 Module
Engineering Mathematics 3 ENGD2114 Module
Engineering Mathematics II ENGD1102 Module
Engineering Project Management ENGT5053 Module
Engineering Systems: Dynamics and Control ENGT5201 Module
Engineering Systems: Dynamics and Control ENGD5201 Module
Engineering Tools and Principles 1 ENGE1001 Module
Engineering Tools and Principles 2 ENGE1002 Module
Engineering Year Zero H10011 Programme
English And Journalism P5Q331 Programme
English Language and Journalism Q3P531 Programme
Enhancement week activities - BCM XTEC1301 Module
Enhancement week activities - BCM XTEC2301 Module
Enhancement week activities - BCM XTEC3301 Module
Enhancement week activities - GTIS XTEC1201 Module
Enhancement week activities - GTIS XTEC2201 Module
Ensemble Practice: Improvisation MATP2025 Module
Ensemble Practice: Repertoire MATP2015 Module
Ensemble Recording MATA2026 Module
Enterprise Architecture CSIP5201 Module
Enterprise Networking CNAS2002 Module
Enterprise Networks CTEC2317 Module
Entrepreneurial Journalism JOUR3402 Module
Environmental Impact Assessment IESD500 Programme
Environmental Management and Policy ENGT5268 Module
Erasmus Exchange (Computing) Z50041 Programme
Erasmus Exchange (Engineering) Z70041 Programme
Erasmus Exchange (Leicester Media School) Z70043 Programme
Erasmus Exchange (Postgraduate Technology) Z50071 Programme
Expert Briefings in Cyber Security CTEC2111 Module
Expert Briefings in Cyber Security CTEC1011 Module
Exploration and Ideation GRDN1010 Module
Exploration and Ideation GDIL1010 Module
Exploring Screen Archives FILM3405 Module
Failure Analysis and Design Analysis ENGD2013 Module
Feature Writing JOUR2500 Module
Feature Writing & Lifestyle Journalism JOUR2600 Module
Film & Photography Capture PROD1001 Module
Film and Material Culture FILM2501 Module
Film and New Media FILM1402 Module
Film and Photography Techniques PROD2001 Module
Film and TV Genres FILM2404 Module
Film Data FILM3407 Module
Film Dissertation FILM5000 Module
Film Exhibition and Consumption MEDS3404 Module
Film Production Technology P31314 Programme
Film Reviewing FILM1104 Module
Film Studies P30341 Programme
Film Studies SSC504 Programme
Film Studies and History V1W631 Programme
Film Studies And Journalism P3P531 Programme
Film Studies and Media P3W632 Programme
Film Studies Dissertation FILM3000 Module
Film Studies with French P3R145 Programme
Film Studies with Japanese P3T245 Programme
Film Studies with Mandarin Chinese P3T145 Programme
Film Studies with Spanish P3R445 Programme
Film Theory and Practice FOUN1003 Module
Film-making with Raindance P31375 Programme
Filmmakers FILM3403 Module
Filmmaking 2: Moving Image Portfolio FILM2102 Module
Final Performance Project MUST3029 Module
Final Project MUST3024 Module
Final Project: Creative Portfolio MUSM5501 Module
Final Year Project CTEC3301 Module
Final Year Project CTEC3360 Module
Finite Element Method ENGD3111 Module
Flight Dynamics and Control ENGA2003 Module
Flight Simulation Technology ENGA3001 Module
Fluid Mechanics ENGD2107 Module
Forensic Computing F4G441 Programme
Forensic Computing G49073 Programme
Forensic Computing for Practitioners F4G491 Programme
Forensic Examination of Internet Use (CPD) CTEC5402 Module
Forensic Examination of Internet Use (Extension) CTEC5502 Module
Forensic Examination of Network Computers (CPD) CTEC5403 Module
Forensic Examination of Network Computers (Extension) CTEC5503 Module
Forensic IT CTEC2423 Module
Forensic Road Collision Investigation F41011 Programme
Forensic Road Collision Investigation F41041 Programme
Forensic Road Collision Investigation 2 F41043 Programme
Forensic Tools and Processes CTEC5303 Module
Forensics and Security CTEC2204 Module
Forensics and Security CTEC2122 Module
Foundation Media P31045 Programme
Foundation of Computing and Cyber Securi CSEC1001 Module
Foundation Year in Computing G40012 Programme
Foundations of Artificial Intelligence CTEC5601 Module
Foundations of Computing IMAT1701 Module
Foundations of Cyber Security CTEC5801 Module
Foundations of Cyber Security CTEC5891 Module
Foundations of Film Studies FILM1102 Module
Foundations of Forensic Computing (CPD) CTEC5401 Module
Foundations of Forensic Computing (Extension) CTEC5501 Module
Foundations of Music MATC1001 Module
Foundations of Python Programming IMAT1411 Module
Foundations of Python Programming IMAT1912 Module
Freelance Journalism JOUR3505 Module
Front-End Web Development CTEC3905 Module
Frontiers in Research and Practice MUSM5101 Module
Functional Software Development CTEC3314 Module
Functional Software Development CTEC3904 Module
Fundamental Concepts of Computer Science CTEC1702 Module
Fundamentals of Aerodynamics ENGA2002 Module
Fundamentals of Aeronautical Design 1 ENGA1003 Module
Fundamentals of Aeronautical Design 2 ENGA1004 Module
Fundamentals of Digital Signal Processin MATD1004 Module
Fundamentals of IT Management IMAT2714 Module
Fundamentals of Movement ANIM2202 Module
Fundamentals of Power Electronics ENGD3107 Module
Further Audio Electronics MATD2019 Module
Further Calculus I IMAT2223 Module
Further Calculus II IMAT2224 Module
Further Digital Signal Processing MATD2004 Module
Future Media MEDS3403 Module
Fuzzy Logic IMAT5119 Module
Fuzzy Logic & Evolutionary Computing CSIP5304 Module
Fuzzy Logic and Knowledge Based Systems (AI) IMAT3406 Module
Fuzzy Logic and Knowledge Based Systems (AI) IMAT3496 Module
Game Architecture and Design IMAT1909 Module
Game Art W60044 Programme
Game Art Essentials 1 GAME1103 Module
Game Art Essentials 2 GAME1104 Module
Game Art Fundamentals 1 GAME1101 Module
Game Art Fundamentals 2 GAME1102 Module
Game Design and Development GAMR1510 Module
Game Development Team Project GAMR2542 Module
Game Engine Architecture IMAT3904 Module
Game Engine Development IMAT3905 Module
Game Engine Group Project IMAT2105 Module
Game Engine Scripting IMAT2102 Module
Game Platforms IMAT3002 Module
Game Production 1 GAME1003 Module
Game Production 2 GAME2003 Module
Game Production 3 - Professional Brief GAME3001 Module
Game Production 4 - Major Project GAME3004 Module
Game Prototype Development IMAT1910 Module
Game Studies MEDS2515 Module
Games Technology J90042 Programme
Games Technology J90043 Programme
Gender and Television Fictions MEDS3512 Module
Global Advertising Practices MEDS3513 Module
Global Dissent MEDS3515 Module
Global Media P30077 Programme
Global Subcultures MEDS2512 Module
Global Subcultures and Music MEDS2304 Module
Gobal Perspectives and Industry INJP5401 Module
Graduate Diploma in Computing G40059 Programme
Graduate Diploma in Engineering H10050 Programme
Graduate Diploma in Media P31043 Programme
Graphic Design W21044 Programme
Graphic Design W21043 Programme
Graphic Design & eMedia W21211 Programme
Graphic Design (Illustration) W21045 Programme
Graphic Design (Interactive) W21046 Programme
Graphic Design and Illustration W20043 Programme
Graphic Studies: Context and Communication GRDN1101 Module
Green Business ENGD5219 Module
Group Project ENGD5000 Module
High Assurance System Design CTEC5723 Module
History And Journalism P5V131 Programme
Hollywood Now! FILM3406 Module
Holographic Imaging ENGT5264 Module
Host and Network Security CTEC5803 Module
Host and Network Security CTEC5893 Module
Human Computer Interaction IMAT2920 Module
Human Factors in Flight Safety ENGA3003 Module
Human Factors in Systems Design IMAT5209 Module
Human Factors, Research and Skills CSIP5401 Module
ICT for Development IMAT3112 Module
ICT Underlying Infrastructure CTEC1202 Module
Ideas in Music & Sonic Art MATC1012 Module
Ideas in Music & Sonic Arts 2 MATC2002 Module
Ideas in Music & Technology MTEC1002 Module
Ideas in Music and Sonic Arts MUST2003 Module
Image Analysis and Production and Production FOUN1002 Module
Image Capture and Processing TECH1004 Module
Image Making for Illustration ILLU1102 Module
Immersive and Experiential Media PROD2003 Module
Immersive Technologies IOCT5014 Module
Incident Response and Cyber Threat Intel CSEC2002 Module
Individual Project ENGD3000 Module
Individual Project ENGP5501 Module
Individual Project ENGT5301 Module
Industrial Analysis and Reflection CTEC3304 Module
Industrial Control System (ICS) Security CTEC3907 Module
Industrial Control Systems Security CTEC3316 Module
Industrial Cryptography CSEC2004 Module
Industrial Internet of Things ENGD3117 Module
Industry Practice TECH1048 Module
Industry Practice MTEC1005 Module
Info Security Management and Governance IMAT3009 Module
Information And Communication Technology G50048 Programme
Information and Database Development IMAT2716 Module
Information and Database Management IMAT2914 Module
Information Assurance Architecture CTEC5811 Module
Information Risk Management CTEC5809 Module
Information Security Management Principles CTEC5810 Module
Information Society DTP REST7833 Module
Information Systems COM504 Programme
Information Systems Analysis IMAT1413 Module
Information Systems Analysis IMAT1916 Module
Information Systems Analysis and Design IMAT1702 Module
Information Systems Development IMAT1401 Module
Information Systems Development CTEC1305 Module
Information Systems Management G50075 Programme
Information Systems Management G50049 Programme
Information Systems Strategy and Service IMAT3497 Module
Information Technology G40072 Programme
Inside Journalism 1 JOUR1004 Module
Inside Journalism 2 JOUR2004 Module
Installation Art MUST3028 Module
Installation Art & Environments MATT3007 Module
Instrumentation and Sensor Networks ENGT5105 Module
Int Filmmaking Research and Practice INFP5201 Module
Integrated Graphic Studies GRDN2201 Module
Integrated Project IMAT2916 Module
Integrated Project IMAT2718 Module
Intelligent Mobile Robots IMAT5233 Module
Intelligent Robotics IMAT2721 Module
Intelligent Systems G50052 Programme
Intelligent Systems G50076 Programme
Intelligent Systems and Robotics G70071 Programme
Intelligent Systems DTP REST7831 Module
Interaction Design CTEC3906 Module
Interactive Mobile Media TECH5015 Module
Interactive Systems Design and Evaluation IMAT2610 Module
Interdisciplinary Studio MUSM5401 Module
International Exchange (Computing) Z50042 Programme
International Foundation Programme - Computing G40014 Programme
International Foundation Programme - Engineering H10012 Programme
International Journalism P50073 Programme
International Public Relations MEDS3514 Module
International Relations And Journalism L2P531 Programme
International Relations and Media L2P331 Programme
Internet of Things CTEC5126 Module
Internet Psychology and Pervasive Tech IMAT3007 Module
Intro to digital design PROD1003 Module
Intro to Nonlinear Dynamical Systems ENGD5150 Module
Intro to Object Oriented Programming C++ IMAT1908 Module
Intro-Practical Invest Jour & Media Law INJP5101 Module
Introduction to C++ IMAT1907 Module
Introduction to CI and Control Systems IMAT2801 Module
Introduction to Community Media TECH1502 Module
Introduction to Computer Vision CTEC5604 Module
Introduction to Control Engineering ENGD2060 Module
Introduction to Film Studies FILM1000 Module
Introduction to Global Film History FILM1001 Module
Introduction To ICT IMAT1608 Module
Introduction to Information Security IMAT2717 Module
Introduction to Information Security IMAT2917 Module
Introduction to Music and Sonic Art MATC1002 Module
Introduction to Practical Investigative Journalism JOUR5102 Module
Introduction to Research and Ethics IMAT2704 Module
Introduction to Shaders IMAT2908 Module
Introduction to Studio Recording and Production MTEC1001 Module
Introduction to Studio Techniques MATA1006 Module
Introduction to Visual Effects VIFX1001 Module
Introductory Sessions ANIM1101 Module
Investigative Journalism P50074 Programme
Investigative Journalism - Global Perspectives JOUR5103 Module
Investigative Journalism - Skills and Theory JOUR5101 Module
Investigative Journalism Project JOUR5100 Module
IOCT IOC500 Programme
Issues in Journalism JOUR2001 Module
IT Service Management IMAT2277 Module
IT Services Foundations IMAT3427 Module
IT Services Foundations CTEC3312 Module
IT Services Practice IMAT3428 Module
IT Services Practice CTEC3313 Module
Journalism SSC502 Programme
Journalism P50071 Programme
Journalism P50042 Programme
Journalism 1 MEDS2006 Module
Journalism and Media P3P532 Programme
Journalism And Politics L2P562 Programme
Journalism and Society JOUR1001 Module
Journalism Dissertation JOUR3000 Module
Journalism for Change JOUR3503 Module
Journalism Project JOUR3502 Module
Journalism Skills JOUR1002 Module
Journalism Studies JOUR2501 Module
Key Roles in the Film Industry FILM5001 Module
Law, Ethics and Portfolio CTEC1412 Module
Leading Change for Sustainability ENGT5217 Module
Lean Operations Management N21571 Programme
Legal Ethical & Prof Pract & Res Meth. CTEC5898 Module
Legal, Ethical and Professional Practice and Research Methods CTEC5808 Module
Lego Mindstorms Workshop: Technology REST7044 Module
Leicester Media School Independent Study P30078 Programme
Lifestyle Journalism JOUR2505 Module
Linear Algebra MATH1300 Module
Linear Algebra I IMAT1221 Module
Linear Algebra II IMAT1222 Module
Linux Security CTEC2316 Module
Linux Security CTEC2912 Module
Live Coding MATD1009 Module
Live Digital Broadcast PROD2002 Module
Live Production JOUR3401 Module
Live Sound and Location Recording MTEC2005 Module
Live Sound and Location Recording MATA2006 Module
Look Development ANIM2201 Module
Low carbon energy technologies ENGD2053 Module
Low Impact Manufacturing ENGT5220 Module
MA International Film Production P31371 Programme
MA Journalism Dissertation JOUR5000 Module
Machine Learning CTEC5602 Module
Machine Vision, Robotics and AI ENGP5203 Module
Machine Vision, Robotics and Flexible Automation ENGT5202 Module
Machine Vision, Robotics and Flexible Automation ENGD5202 Module
Machines and Mechanisms ENGD3112 Module
Magazine Journalism JOUR3500 Module
Magazine Publishing JOUR3003 Module
Major Film Project INFP5501 Module
Major Film Project FILM5100 Module
Major Negotiated Pathway Projects GRDN3301 Module
Major Practical Project ISMA5008 Module
Major Project ANIM3004 Module
Major Project IOCT5000 Module
Major Project Part 1 ANIM3002 Module
Making & Performing 2: Topics & Projects MTEC2004 Module
Making a Difference JOUR1504 Module
Making and Performing Music 1: Tools and Techniques MTEC1004 Module
Making Comics COCO1004 Module
Malware Analysis CTEC3317 Module
Malware Analysis CTEC3754 Module
Malware Analysis CTEC5807 Module
Malware Analysis CTEC5897 Module
Management and Leadership 1 ENGT5266 Module
Management and Leadership 2 ENGT5267 Module
Management Concepts in Aviation ENGA3006 Module
Management Decision Making IMAT2403 Module
Management Decision Making IMAT2401 Module
Management of ICT IMAT2601 Module
Management of Information Systems IMAT5206 Module
Markup Languages and Scripting GAMR1520 Module
Mastering and Post-Production TECH3012 Module
Match Moving and MoCap TECH3600 Module
Materials Engineering and Processing ENGD2105 Module
Materials Science ENG504 Programme
Mathematical Analysis MATH1400 Module
Mathematical Modelling with Computers I IMAT1228 Module
Mathematical Modelling with Computers II IMAT1229 Module
Mathematics G10041 Programme
Mathematics and Business Management IMAT1503 Module
Mathematics Final Year project MATH3451 Module
Mathematics for Computing CTEC1306 Module
Mathematics for Computing CTEC1908 Module
Maths and Computer Systems GAMR1530 Module
Mechanical Design and Manufacturing 1 ENGE1003 Module
Mechanical Design and Manufacturing 2 ENGE1004 Module
Mechanical Engineering H30044 Programme
Mechanical Engineering H30043 Programme
Mechanical Engineering H30060 Programme
Mechanical Engineering H30071 Programme
Mechanical Engineering ENG502 Programme
Mechanical Engineering Applications ENGZ0003 Module
Mechanical Principles (Statics) ENGD1105 Module
Mechanical Principles- Dynamics ENGD1106 Module
Mechanical Vibrations ENGD2108 Module
Mechanics MATH1903 Module
Mechanics and Artificial Intelligence for Simulation IMAT2891 Module
Mechanics of Flight ENGA1051 Module
Mechatronic Systems Engineering ENGD5102 Module
Mechatronic Systems Engineering & AI ENGT5102 Module
Mechatronics H73041 Programme
Mechatronics H73071 Programme
Mechatronics H73044 Programme
Mechatronics H73042 Programme
Mechatronics CAE & Programming ENGD1027 Module
Media and Communication P30042 Programme
Media and Communication Dissertation MEDS3000 Module
Media and Communication Technology for Graphic Design 1 GRDN1103 Module
Media and Communication Technology for Graphic Design 2 GRDN2203 Module
Media and Communication Technology for Illustration 1 ILLU1103 Module
Media and Communication Technology for Illustration 2 ILLU2203 Module
Media and Communication with French P3R141 Programme
Media and Communication with Japanese P3T246 Programme
Media and Communication with Mandarin Chinese P3T146 Programme
Media and Communication with Spanish P3R446 Programme
Media and Politics L2P332 Programme
Media and Psychology C8P331 Programme
Media Cultures and Everyday Life MEDS1405 Module
Media Discourse: Events MEDS2403 Module
Media Industries MEDS1302 Module
Media Law JOUR1003 Module
Media Production P31041 Programme
Media Production P31071 Programme
Media Research and Development FOUN1001 Module
Media Technology J90041 Programme
Media, Culture, and Society MEDS1303 Module
Media, Gender and Identity MEDS2011 Module
Media: Identities and Representation MEDS1301 Module
MEng Group Project ENGP5400 Module
Microelectronics & Nanotechnology Engineering H61171 Programme
Microprocessor Applications and Digital Signal Processing ENGT5203 Module
Microprocessor Applications and Digital Signal Processing ENGD5203 Module
Mobile Application Design & Development IMAT2918 Module
Mobile Application Design and Developmen IMAT2022 Module
Mobile Application Development CTEC3911 Module
Mobile Communication 1 ENGD3105 Module
Mobile Communication 2 ENGD3106 Module
Mobile Games and A.I for Simulation GAMR2520 Module
Mobile Games II IMAT2911 Module
Mobile Robotics IMAT3404 Module
Mobile Robots IMAT5121 Module
Model Based System Integration ENGD3052 Module
Model Based System Integration ENGD3852 Module
Modelling Ordinary Differential Equation IMAT3227 Module
Modelling Partial Differential Equations IMAT3228 Module
Modern Programming Techniques CTEC5726 Module
Motorsport Engineering H33011 Programme
Motorsport Engineering H33041 Programme
Motorsport Engineering H33042 Programme
Moving Image FILM1101 Module
Multi Platform Newswriting JOUR1401 Module
Multi-Service Networks 1 CTEC3605 Module
Multi-Service Networks 1 CTEC3305 Module
Multi-Service Networks 2 CTEC3606 Module
Multi-Service Networks 2 CTEC3306 Module
Multicriteria Analysis IMAT3225 Module
Multimedia 1 TECH1015 Module
Multimedia 2 TECH2015 Module
Multimedia 3 TECH3015 Module
Multimedia Computing G45042 Programme
Multimedia Development IMAT2015 Module
Multimedia Networking CTEC3319 Module
Multimedia Technology CTEC2608 Module
Music CST501 Programme
Music Journalism JOUR3504 Module
Music Technology J93046 Programme
Music Technology J93011 Programme
Music Technology J93042 Programme
Music, Media and Community Arts MUST3023 Module
Music, Technology and Innovation W30042 Programme
Music, Technology and Innovation Dissertation MUST5000 Module
Music, Technology and Performance W31041 Programme
Natural Language Processing based Deep Learning IMAT5118 Module
Navigation and Pilot Studies ENGA3007 Module
Negotiated Module ISMA5005 Module
Negotiated Module ISMA5006 Module
Negotiated Module ISMA5002 Module
Negotiated Practical Project FILM3011 Module
Negotiated Project MATT2006 Module
Network Forensics CTEC3424 Module
Network Monitoring and Simulation CTEC3320 Module
Network Security and Ethical Hacking 1 CTEC5300 Module
Network Security and Ethical Hacking 2 CTEC5301 Module
Neural Systems & NLP CSIP5103 Module
New Media 1: Website design and coding MEDS1304 Module
New Media 2: Creative Project MEDS3109 Module
New Media 2: Creative Project MEDS2305 Module
New Media: Design & Production MEDS2007 Module
News Reporting JOUR1500 Module
News Reporting 2 JOUR2507 Module
News Reporting and Media JOUR1600 Module
News Writing and Journalism Skills JOUR2002 Module
Non-parametric Statistics Inference for Computational Intellignece: Intelligent Systems DTP TECH REST7837 Module
Nonlinear Dynamic Systems IMAT3221 Module
Nonlinear Optimisation IMAT3226 Module
Numerical Methods MATH2300 Module
Numerical Techniques in Engineering ENGT5140 Module
Object Oriented Design CTEC2303 Module
Object Oriented Design CTEC2905 Module
Object Oriented Development CTEC2304 Module
Object Oriented Development CTEC2906 Module
Object Oriented Programming IMAT5101 Module
Object Oriented Programming in C++ IMAT2905 Module
Object Oriented Software Design and Development CTEC2201 Module
Object-Oriented Systems Analysis and Design IMAT2404 Module
OO Design and Development CTEC2710 Module
Operating Systems and Networks CTEC1704 Module
Operational Research IMAT3909 Module
Operational Research IMAT2715 Module
Operational Research MATH1200 Module
Operational Research CTEC3310 Module
Operational Research I IMAT1230 Module
Operational Research I IMAT1227 Module
Operational Research II IMAT2226 Module
Parallel and Concurrent Algorithms CTEC2307 Module
Paranormal Media MEDS3402 Module
Penetration Testing CSEC2003 Module
Penetration Testing CTEC2309 Module
Penetration Testing CTEC2914 Module
Penetration Testing & Incident Response CTEC5894 Module
Penetration Testing and Incident Response CTEC5804 Module
Performance Technologies IOCT5004 Module
Performing with Technology MUST2006 Module
Performing With Technology 2 MATP2005 Module
Performng With Tech 1:Tools & Techniques MATP1005 Module
Personal Practice MATT3003 Module
Physics F30041 Programme
Physics Engine Programming IMAT2912 Module
Physics of Semiconductor Devices ENGD5128 Module
Physics of Semiconductor Devices ENGT5128 Module
Physics Project PHYS4001 Module
Placement Year SAND2901 Module
Planning Your Project ISMA5111 Module
Political Reporting JOUR2003 Module
Post-Production for Video and Film TECH3017 Module
Postgraduate Engineer H10071 Programme
Power and Energy Systems ENGD3110 Module
Power Electronics ENGD5255 Module
Power Electronics ENGT5255 Module
Power Generation and Transmission ENGP5405 Module
Power Generation and Transmission ENGT5269 Module
Practical Journalism 1 JOUR1000 Module
Practical Journalism 2 JOUR2000 Module
Practical Journalism 3 JOUR3001 Module
Pre-Production INFP5301 Module
Pre-production 1 ANIM1002 Module
Pre-production 2 ANIM2002 Module
Pre-Production and Development FILM5005 Module
Principles of Audio Recording and Production TECH2053 Module
Principles of Design and Manufacture ENGD1008 Module
Principles of Info & Comms ENGZ0007 Module
Privacy and Data Protection IMAT3499 Module
Problem Solving and Programming CTEC0701 Module
Procedural Programming for Music MATD2059 Module
Product Design ENGD2106 Module
Product Design and Development ENGD2051 Module
Production INFP5401 Module
Production FILM5007 Module
Production and Manufacturing Engineering ENG505 Programme
Production Level C++ GAMR2541 Module
Prof in Forensic Comp & Comp Security CTEC3829 Module
Professional Context CTEC1204 Module
Professional Creative Industries 1 GDEM1009 Module
Professional Practice IOCT5009 Module
Professional Practice JOUR2401 Module
Professional Practice JOUR2604 Module
Professional Practice 2 IOCT5010 Module
Professional Practice 2: Screen Archives FILM2103 Module
Professional Practice Comics COCO2003 Module
Professional Practice in Digital Forensics and Security F4G475 Programme
Professional Practice: Film Festivals FILM2009 Module
Professional Studies (Forensic Road Collision Investigation) F41044 Programme
Professionalism in Forensics and Security CTEC3429 Module
Programmable Logic Controllers ENGD2061 Module
Programming and Software Engineering ENGT5108 Module
Programming and Software Engineering ENGD5108 Module
Programming for Artists IOCT5008 Module
Programming in C CTEC1201 Module
Programming in Python IMAT1704 Module
Programming in Python 2 IMAT1914 Module
Programming in Python 2 IMAT1416 Module
Programming with APIs and Frameworks IMAT2919 Module
Programming with APIs and Frameworks IMAT2710 Module
Progressive Game Engines GAMR2532 Module
Progressive Game Engines IMAT2103 Module
Project CSIP5501 Module
Project INJP5501 Module
Project (FC4P) CTEC5509 Module
Project 1 ANIM1104 Module
Project 2 ANIM2204 Module
Project I CTEC2305 Module
Project II CTEC2313 Module
Project Management IMAT3430 Module
Project Management ENGD2010 Module
Project Management & Development IMAT2204 Module
Project Management & Development IMAT2294 Module
Project Proposal, Planning & Proj Mangt CSIP5402 Module
Project/Dissertation IMAT5314 Module
Public Relations MEDS2010 Module
Public Relations P21071 Programme
Public Relations and Strategic Comm MEDS2306 Module
Quality Assurance IMAT3003 Module
Quantitative Methods ENGZ0001 Module
Race and Media MEDS2012 Module
Radio & TV Studio Production PROD1002 Module
Radio Journalism JOUR2402 Module
Radio Journalism JOUR2503 Module
Radio Location Production TECH3013 Module
Radio Production & Technology H64041 Programme
Radio Studio Production TECH2005 Module
Rapid Product Development H13171 Programme
Realisation FILM5004 Module
Recording Technology TECH2010 Module
Reporting 1 JOUR1005 Module
Requirements Engineering IMAT1402 Module
Research in Practice IOCT5006 Module
Research Methods ENGT5214 Module
Research Methods IMAT3103 Module
Research Methods IMAT5120 Module
Research Methods and Applications CSIP5403 Module
Research Methods for Creative Projects IOCT5007 Module
Research Methods: Technology REST7013 Module
Research Methods: Institute of Energy and Sustainable Development REST7052 Module
Research Project MATT3000 Module
Research, Ethics, and Professionalism in Computing IMAT5262 Module
Researching Media and Communication MEDS2302 Module
Researching Media and Communication MEDS2401 Module
Resource Efficient Design ENGT5260 Module
Resource Efficient Design ENGD5260 Module
Resource Efficient Design & Manufacture ENGP5204 Module
Resource Efficient Design and DM ENGP5406 Module
Responsible Research and Innovation in ICT CTEC5813 Module
Rigorous Systems CTEC3902 Module
Rigorous Systems CTEC3315 Module
Robotics ENGT5256 Module
Robotics and Artificial Intelligence ENGD3030 Module
Sandwich (Full) SAND2802 Module
Sandwich (Full) SAND5801 Module
Screenwriting FILM5003 Module
Script to Screen FILM2010 Module
Scripting and Searching (CPD) CTEC5406 Module
Scripting and Searching (Extension) CTEC5506 Module
Secure Coding CSEC1003 Module
Secure Scripting and Business Applicatio CSEC2001 Module
Secure Web Application Development CTEC3110 Module
Security Strategy and Standards CTEC5306 Module
Semiconductor Fundamentals & Power Elect ENGP5201 Module
Sequencing Technology 2 TECH2603 Module
Service Oriented Computing IMAT3703 Module
Set Design, Architecture and Environments TECH3007 Module
Shader Programming IMAT3906 Module
Short Term Placement (ESD) SAND2804 Module
Short Term Placement (LMS) SAND2803 Module
Signal Processing ENGD3050 Module
Signal Processing and Embedded Systems ENGP5300 Module
Skills and Theory INJP5201 Module
Smart Grid Analysis & Operation ENGP5407 Module
Social Computing and Data Analytics for IMAT2711 Module
Social Computing for Business IMAT2921 Module
Social Media and Innovation TECH1002 Module
Social Media Production TECH2002 Module
Software and Security Management CTEC2302 Module
Software and Security Management CTEC2904 Module
Software Engineering G60071 Programme
Software Engineering G60041 Programme
Software Engineering Team Project CTEC2714 Module
Software Quality Assurance and Testing CTEC5163 Module
Solid Mechanics ENGD2110 Module
Sonic Arts Practice MUSM5301 Module
Sonic Arts Practices 1 MUST5006 Module
Sonic Arts Practices 2 MUST5007 Module
Sound Analysis and Perception MATT1011 Module
Sound analysis and perception MATA1011 Module
Sound Analysis and Synthesis MTEC1003 Module
Sound and Image MUST2005 Module
Sound for Film, Games & Media MTEC2002 Module
Sound in Space MUST2007 Module
Spatial Audio Production MATT3017 Module
Sport and Media MEDS3405 Module
Sports Journalism JOUR3501 Module
Sports Journalism JOUR2508 Module
Sports Journalism 2 JOUR3507 Module
Statistical Modelling I IMAT3223 Module
Statistical Modelling II IMAT3224 Module
Statistics IMAT5169 Module
Statistics and Mechanics I MATH1100 Module
Statistics and Operational Research COM501 Programme
Statistics I IMAT1226 Module
Statistics II IMAT2225 Module
Statistics in Quantitative Research REST7041 Module
Streaming Cultures and Identity Politics MEDS2514 Module
Strength of Materials ENGD2007 Module
Structural Dynamics and Aeroelasticity ENGA3005 Module
Structural Integrity: Designing Against ENGT5257 Module
Studio Engineering TECH3006 Module
Studio Practice 2 CACA2003 Module
Studio Practice; Personal Exploration CACA3001 Module
Studio Practice; Professional Practice CACA3002 Module
Studio Production Techniques MATA2057 Module
Studio Recording and Production MTEC2003 Module
Studio Recording Essentials MATA1056 Module
Studio Signal Processing MATA2016 Module
Studio Technology TECH3011 Module
Study Abroad (Computing) Z90041 Programme
Study Abroad (Engineering) Z90043 Programme
Study Abroad (Leicester Media School) Z90042 Programme
Sub-editing and Design JOUR3005 Module
Sustainability in Action ENGD3042 Module
Sustainable Buildings ENGP5303 Module
Sustainable Buildings ENGT5112 Module
Sustainable Development ENGT5115 Module
Sustainable Development in Practice ENGD5273 Module
Sustainable Development in Practice ENGT5273 Module
Sustainable Development in Practice ENGP5408 Module
Sustainable Energy ENGT5114 Module
Sustainable Energy ENGD5114 Module
Sustainable Energy and Transport ENGP5305 Module
Sustainable Transport ENGT5270 Module
Systems Analysis And Design IMAT5205 Module
Systems Building: Management IMAT3424 Module
Systems Building: Management CTEC3311 Module
Systems Building: Methods CTEC3303 Module
Systems Building: Methods IMAT3423 Module
Systems Building: Methods and Management IMAT3495 Module
Systems Operation Management ENGT5265 Module
Systems Thinking IMAT2421 Module
Systems Thinking CTEC2301 Module
Team Development Project IMAT3903 Module
Technologies for Digital Arts Practice IOCT5011 Module
Technology Project TECH3010 Module
Telecommunications CTEC2203 Module
Television Production Technology P31114 Programme
Television Studies MEDS2402 Module
Television Studio Production TECH2008 Module
The 'New Hollywood', 1967 - 1980 FILM2402 Module
The Business of Film Studios FILM1103 Module
The Film Industry 2: Filmmakers FILM2104 Module
The Global Web IMAT1610 Module
The IT Professional IMAT1403 Module
The Production Process FILM5002 Module
Theories of Electroacoustic Music MUST5008 Module
Theory of Machines and Thermodynamics ENGD2005 Module
Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer ENGD2101 Module
Thermofluids ENGD1107 Module
Tools, Techniques and Processes 2 CACA2001 Module
Tracking, Rigging and Compositing TECH2600 Module
Traditional Art Practice 1 GAME1004 Module
Traditional Art Practice 2 GAME2004 Module
Transmedia Practice IOCT5015 Module
Turbomachinery ENGD3119 Module
TV and Film Production Technology P3W611 Programme
TV and Radio Journalism JOUR2602 Module
TV Scriptwriting W81071 Programme
Type and Image GRDN1102 Module
Typesetting Documents With Latex REST7043 Module
Understanding Journalism JOUR1501 Module
Understanding Journalism JOUR1603 Module
Unmanned Aero Vehicle Design ENGA5104 Module
Unmanned Aero Vehicle Design ENGT5104 Module
Video and Audio JOUR1602 Module
Video and Audio Skills JOUR1503 Module
Video and Imaging Techniques TECH2004 Module
Video Journalism JOUR2502 Module
Visiting Tech Researcher R19999 Programme
Visual Communication GRDN1030 Module
Visual Communication GDIL1030 Module
Visual Communication 1 ANIM1004 Module
Visual Communication 2 ANIM2004 Module
Visual Effects (VFX) W61441 Programme
Visual Narrative  COCO2001 Module
Visual Programming MATD2039 Module
Visual Thinking and Communication ANIM1103 Module
Visual Web Development IMAT1604 Module
Visualisation COCO1001 Module
Web Application Development CTEC2907 Module
Web Application Development CTEC2712 Module
Web Application Development CTEC2315 Module
Web Application Penetration Testing CTEC3307 Module
Web Application Penetration Testing CTEC3410 Module
Web Applications CTEC2202 Module
Window Forensics CTEC2911 Module
Wireless Security CTEC5302 Module
Wireless Technologies and Network Progra CTEC2318 Module
Women, Media and Politics MEDS3516 Module
Work Based Learning 1 IMAT1417 Module
Work Based learning I IMAT1405 Module
Work Based Learning II IMAT2017 Module
Work-Based Learning Project CTEC3321 Module
World Building COCO2002 Module
World Cinema FILM2101 Module
World Cinema, Concepts and Debates FILM2401 Module
Writing for the Screen MEDS3111 Module
Writing, Reviewing and Film Criticism FILM1401 Module
Y2 Personal Practice for GD GRDN2040 Module
Yr 2 Personal Practice for Graphic Des GDIL2040 Module

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