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Advanced NVivo For Qualitative Data Analysis REST7518 Module
Advanced Presenting Your Research To An Audience REST7508 Module
Beginning To Teach In Higher Education REST7017 Module
Creating and Managing Large Documents (Online) REST7003 Module
Effective Presentations Using PowerPoint (Online) REST7202 Module
English Language for Academic Research Purposes REST7104 Module
Finding A Career That Fits You REST7510 Module
Good Academic Practice and Reference Management REST7517 Module
Handling Employers' Assessment Days and Selection Tests REST7512 Module
Health and Safety in Laboratories: Health and Life Sciences REST7015 Module
How To Manage Your Career and Improve Your Employability REST7509 Module
Intellectual Property Rights and Data Management REST7103 Module
Interdisciplinary Research REST7519 Module
Intermediate Quantitative Data Analysis Using SPSS REST7528 Module
Introduction to NVivo For Qualitative Data Analysis REST7514 Module
Introduction to Quantitative Data Analysis Using SPSS REST7506 Module
Introduction to the Faculty and Principles of Research in Health and Life Sciences REST7016 Module
Library Refresher – Keeping Up To Date REST7516 Module
Managing Data Using Excel (Online) REST7504 Module
Media Training REST7018 Module
Personal Networking For Career Success REST7511 Module
Planning and Managing Research REST7102 Module
Poster Presentations: Effective Designs REST7515 Module
Practical CV Workshop REST7540 Module
Practical Interview Skills Workshop REST7541 Module
Preparing For Your Viva REST7303 Module
Presenting Your Research To An Audience REST7201 Module
Publishing Research Findings REST7203 Module
Qualitative Methods (Online) REST7526 Module
Qualitative Methods in Health and Social Sciences REST7505 Module
Research Days (workshops-lectures): Bus REST7071 Module
Research Ethics and Integrity (Online) REST7525 Module
Research Methods: Emerging Technologies Research Centre REST7051 Module
Research Philosophy and Methods REST7091 Module
Research Practices in Micro and Nano Sciences and Technologies REST7046 Module
Research Seminars 2- Including Thesis And Viva REST7033 Module
Research Seminars1- Including Papers REST7032 Module
Research Seminars: Business And Law REST7070 Module
Research Student Induction REST7101 Module
Research Workshops and Specialist Methods REST7092 Module
Researching The Information Society: Technology REST7045 Module
Structuring and Completing Your Thesis REST7301 Module
Successful CV's, Job Applications and Interview Skills REST7302 Module
Taking A Critical Approach To Your Research REST7521 Module
Training Needs Analysis 2013/2014 REST9001 Module
Training Needs Analysis 2014/2015 REST9000 Module
What does it Mean to be a Postgraduate Research Student? REST7542 Module
Winning Grant Funding REST7507 Module
Writing Skills REST7002 Module

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